Friday, May 28, 2004

Hairy situation...

Ok, I'm all about the understanding of evolving naturally and all that sort of thing. Animal species do it, bees do it, even human beings do it, I think. So here's what I'm going to suggest to the evolution gods, and we'll just see if it doesn't help out the future generations a little bit, mm-kay? Women should have hair on their heads, and no place else. Ok, maybe just a little down in the "center" region, but it should be fine hair, and not the course ugly crap the majority of us have to put up with. Men can have it anywhere, I think. Except it might be unnecessary to prolong the need for hairy shoulders and backs. I mean, really...what was that ever necessary for? So as they hunted, they could look a bit more like an animal, thereby staving off attacks from bears and shit? Whatever. It's not really needed in this day and age, I think.

So that's my plea to the gods/decision-makers/entities involved in the evolving human forms. Women don't need a hairy upper lip. They don't need hair under their arms. And really, why do we need it on our legs at all, hmm? Eyebrows can stay, and the hair on my head makes me happy, so that's good too. But everyplace else, it's just a nuisance. And I'm quite tired of it...

On a somewhat similar note, I straightened my hair this morning before I left the house. It looked pretty and smooth when I looked at it in my mirror at home, but when I just went to the ladies room here at work, suddenly, it's all frizzy on the ends! WTF?? Pissy hair. Meh.

Thursday, May 27, 2004

I've been blog rolled!

I feel so proud! (Thanks honey!!!)


Sometimes, I just don't understand the crap that goes through my head.

And it drives me to madness, I tell you...

Wednesday, May 26, 2004

A whole new drug

Feeling tired? Listless? Unmotivated?

Try the newest wonder drug: LACKOJEN!!

That's right folks...Lackojen will boost your energy, keep you going at parties, make you more attractive to the opposite sex, and even pays for a round of drinks now and again!

See a local bar near you to find yourself a dose of Lackojen, and check out what all the folks around town are finding out for themselves. DON'T GET LEFT OUT OF THIS INCREDIBLE DISCOVERY!!!

Warning: Side effects include (but are not limited to) a strong desire to suddenly want to pull your ears off your head to induce deafness, boredom, extreme sleepiness, and drunken stupors/blackouts. Not FDA approved at this time. Please do not operate large machinery/motor vehicles after extended doses of Lackojen.

Kobe & Shaq = Crack for Faith

I swear, you put me in front of a t.v. where Kobe and Shaq are playing a game together...any game...they could even be playing for the Dallas Mavs...and I'll watch it. I LOVE those men.

I wonder sometimes if it's my subconscious support of Phil Jackson that keeps me interested like I am, but I'm pretty sure it's not. Because they only show him every so often during a game. So it must be the big guys.

I love the Lakers more than anything, it seems. So why did I fall asleep on my couch when there was still about 8 minutes left to play in last night's game? Confidence that they would pull off the win, even though I wasn't watching with my super supportful eyes from halfway across the country? No one will ever know. But I suspect it had something more to do with the Most Comfortable Couch in the World. Evil couch...

Tuesday, May 25, 2004


I can't get away from work, and I want to go hoooooommmmme! But, computers are down, and loans need to be closed, and I need to be involved for some reason or another, so I must wait another 5 minutes and then call to see if I can leave.

Shit. I feel like I need to raise my hand before I go down the hall to the ladies room.

On another note, I really don't want to work out this week. Feeling extremely unmotivated and icky about it. PMS sucks.

Measure of coolness...

How do people walk around/drive around on cloudy days without sunglasses on? I'm not talking about the super-dark, gloomy where it's about to rain outside kind of cloudy days. But days like today, with the high clouds, no blue in the sky, but still very bright out kind of cloudy days. I'm sitting in my office, behind a tinted window, and have to have my blinds down it's so glaring out there! I hope I'm not damaging my eyes any further when I gaze longingly at the McDonald's sign across the street. The "M" is yellow, after all...I could be frying my retinas.

Is it me?

Why is it that I feel like I'm the only one in the entire goddam world that knows how to research things, verify items, and make sure about stuff? Ok, maybe not the entire world, but at least in my division of the company I work for. Seems like these managers that I assist day in and day out (who are making butt-loads more cash than me, mind you) do not have the wherewithall to figure out how to do the simplest tasks. Make sure that an application is completely filled out before faxing it in to us, for example. (We have to do background checks on every applicant prior to hiring them, and if signatures or any other pertinent info is missing, it slows the process down...) Or following the same procedure they've BEEN following for the past year, and faxing me the docs that have been signed after a new hire starts. WITHOUT ME HAVING TO REMIND THEM!!! I feel like I'm taking care of a bunch of 5 year olds all day long, some days. Thank God it doesn't happen every day.

And yes, I know I'm an admin, and if I don't like to assist people, then I shouldn't be in the line of work I'm in, but roll with me, folks...a person shouldn't have to be reminded to do something 5 times in a fucking row. I don't have to be reminded! So why in HELL do other people not have their brains switched to "on" when they go to work in the morning/afternoon/whatever?

This blog could turn out to be many, many things for me. But it will be my main place to vent with regards to certain work things. At least for now. The title of the blog refers to the fact that apparently, based upon my interactions with much of the teeny, tiny part of the world I deal with daily, I am the only person who happens to approach things with any amount of sense whatsoever. I don't know where I gained the ability to be able to pull my head out of my ass on a regular basis in my life, but I'm damned grateful for it. Damned grateful, indeed...

Monday, May 24, 2004

Ah, the good ol' days...

I've never done anything like this before, but figured that I would take my addiction to the next level, and start my own blog somehow. Sometimes, I just have things I want to say, and posting comments on someone else's blog doesn't do the trick for me. So, here I am, jumping into the world of blogs. And I'm not too sure I'm going to tell anyone about it just yet...