Tuesday, June 29, 2004

Caught me by the toe...

That's it. My stay-awake-until-2-a.m. plan last night has caught up with me. I'm dreadfully tired, and want to lie down on the floor under my desk, dammit.

But I feel so happy! What is that all about, hm?

Sounds like the co-worker and I will be hitting The Velvet Dog tomorrow night. I've taken him all over the place, but he's never seen that place. We've been to The Faloon and Tom Fooleries on the Plaza. Then we've gone to Harry's and Harpo's in Westport. When my twin was in town for our birthday earlier this year, we went to Fred P. Ott's in O.P. to start our evening off, and wound up at my place, drinking far too much for our own good, really. It was fun!

Since last night was somewhat domestic, and all, we're definitely going to go out for a bit tomorrow. I haven't been to the Velvet Dog in a long time...I hope it's a good night for the porch!

And tonight? Tonight I will be lucky if I don't die while on the treadmill before I can crawl into bed as early as possible. Gawd, that sounds lovely right now! Bed! I want you! I neeeeed you...don't make me beg, really. Oh, Ok...if you say so. PLEASE! Please let me lie in you for just 20 minutes...I promise to make it worth your while. I'd give anything for the floor in my office to turn into a TempurPedic mattress right now...


Anonymous said...

Fred P. Ott's on the Plaza kicks ass, too (I actually haven't been to the OP one, so can't compare I guess ... but try the Plaza one sometime, it's fun)!

You'll have to let us know about the Velvet Dog, do a review or something. I've always wanted to go there (someday, someday!) :)

If you wannoo, shoot me an email (sheri.s @ gmail.com) and let me know which nights you'll be needing a room while your bathroom's getting fixed. I'd have to check with my boss, but I might be able to hook you up with an awesome rate at my hotel (yep, I own it! Roight ...) =]

But yeah, employee discounts really can't be beat! I hear the White Haven is pretty cool, so I completely understand if you go with that. However, if saving a whole bunch of $$ is your game, then a nice room in a nice location (not too far from OP) in a pretty decent hotel chain is your ... name? Hm.


Faith said...

Man, that's really cool of you to offer! Last time I stayed at the White Haven, it was only $44 a night, so we'll see if that's changed at all. I'll get back to you by tomorrow. :)

Anonymous said...


Well, I had to go to a meeting at work today, and the boss(es) informed us that we can no longer set up our friends at the hotel for the employee rate. The company's cracking down, since the policy has been abused (or some such crap. I never really got the chance to "abuse" it, dammit!).

Sorry I spoke too soon =/

That's a really good rate for White Haven, though. Just slightly higher than I coulda got for ye.


Faith said...

Aw, that's alright, Sheri! It was nice of you to offer, really. For the amount I have to pay for the White Haven, the location is really perfect (smack in between work and home...), so it's convenient for me to run home in the morning before work and make sure things are being torn up sufficiently, and all that good stuff.

Believe me, I understand about bosses being a pain about stuff...my co-worker and I are having a lively discussion about her boss this morning, and the way she's been treated by her lately. Bosses can be a pain. Fo sho!