Monday, June 07, 2004

Did the earth stop spinning?

I hate it when my e-mail at work is out of commission. We had a new version of Lotus Notes installed on our servers over the weekend, and so it's been a fun morning trying to get in and see what I can do, and all. Except that for a majority of the morning, my server has been down. I'm on # 6, and my co-worker is on #8. Neither of us can get in. I got in for a while. Was able to delete a couple of useless notes, and then access another one I've been needing in order to complete a report. Said report is now due, and this is when the server decided to stop working again. BAH!!

Ok, so time for another funny memory of me and my best friend from childhood. When I was 17, my friend Mandi was in town at our house for a visit, and we decided we wanted to go see The Silence of the Lambs. A later showing, of course, because that's the only time to see a scary movie. (The fear doesn't have any staying power if you have to walk out into the bright sunshine of day after leaving the theater...) My twin decided to forego the outing, stating that she had no interest in seeing the movie. Alrighty then! Mandi and I headed out the door to see the 9 p.m. show, and left twinner behind. My twin and I shared a 1990 T-bird at the time, but she drove a majority of the time because I was pushy, and I didn't like to drive, really...preferred sitting in the passenger seat giving her shit, or what not. Besides, I regularly wanted to give her a nose full 'o fist because she wouldn't shut the fuck up when I was driving. My point is, she was aware of a problem the T-bird had that I hadn't been privy to. Problem was this: although the gas tank would read as being at about a 1/4 tank full, it was actually almost empty. I had no idea, and Mandi and I drove off into the night with enough cash on hand for the movie and maybe a soda, and that was it.

When Mandi and I emerged from the theater, it was not only late at night, but it was also pouring rain. It had been pouring rain for a while, apparently, as puddles were large, and streets were kind of flooded. No problem...I was a safe driver. We took side streets home rather than the highway. The car stalls at a signal that was about 2 miles from my house, and will not start again. This is when the handy dandy gas reading drops to show it's got an empty tank. NICE!! So we're sitting at this intersection, trying to figure out how we're going to get the car across the street to the gas station that's on the corner. I looked at Mandi and said, "We're going to have to deal with it. We're going to have to somehow steer the car and push it over there, and hope we can at least get it out of the intersection." So we got out of the car and started pushing. People stopped to help, God bless 'em, and we were finally able to get into the driveway of the gas station. I called my parents (from a phone booth that was on a down slope, and had a back-up of water in it that reached my knees...), and Dad was peeved, although I still do not understand why to this day. I mean, it wasn't like shit like this happened to me every damn day, and you'd THINK he'd just be happy to make sure he helped his daughter and her long-time friend stayed safe. No...he was mad we woke him up and he had to put clothes on to come help us out. Whatever! When they showed up, Dad got out of his car, walked over to the T-bird, and proceded to start it. It roared to life without issue. I was dumbfounded, dad was even MORE pissed, and Mandi was trying not to laugh out loud. It sucked. Big time.

I've never had a vehicle run out of gas since. Again, another had to be there sort of thing. And really not so funny as it is a recounting of a sucky situation that once happened. But the phone booth full of water still cracks me up to think about. And the fact that we had no choice but to allow one of the helpful passing motorists actually push our car with her car in order to get the T-bird into the driveway of the gas station. That bit didn't help dad's anger at all. Probably was a bad idea to let him know...

Anyway, being a teenager sucked, but I feel more fulfilled due to experiences like that one...

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