Tuesday, June 01, 2004

Did I ask you? Um, YEAH I did!!

Ok, dumbass, if I ask you to do something very specific in an e-mail...spell it out even, and tell you what needs to be done step by step...and you come back to me saying that you thought someone else was going to do it, you're going to piss. me. OFF! Here's how it works, fucktard...the item in your que waiting for action from you on it? Yeah, no one else can perform that action except you!! Not your mother, not us here at our office, just you. Now, how about feeling important or something, rather than fighting me on that simple, little issue for another 3 e-mails? Do not get pissy with me, as I'm just doing my job (informing you that you're a total information-receptionist reject, in my diplomatic admin way of course) by letting you know that the request you made was denied by the higher ups and it has been sent back to you (and only you!) for resubmission with better justification for the request you're making. I can start a new request myself (because I'm soooooo lucky to be in the special position I'm in), but it still would need to route back to you for your approval. So why not save time, and do your OWN damned job just this once?

Oh, and for future reference, if you're feeling stupid because in your justification on the original request, you stated that the person being demoted was being demoted to the same position they had been in (er doy!), don't get mad at me. I wasn't the person who wrote it. And most of us in the free world who want something to happen based on a necessary justification we submit will review the goddam justification before we send it to make sure we don't say something dumb like "Jill is being demoted from the position of IHLC to be in position of IHLC instead." Um, helllooooo??? Read over what you've written much? Christ!

I know this may seem like a little thing, but it happens every day, and I'm tired of it. Bah!

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Anonymous said...

Heh, I would LOVE to copy some of the memos we get from Big Boss. Seriously: "plese give you're up most support" ... *boggle*

"you're up most support"? And you make 80 grand a year??