Tuesday, June 15, 2004

I'm off my game, man...

It's been almost a whole 24 hours since I last posted...am I broken? I don't feel like I've got much to say, I guess. Yesterday, I had info up the yin-yang, but today? Nothin'.

Lakers play tonight. I also am getting my hair done tonight. Ooh! I need to go get some money...maybe that will inspire something postable.

Actually, yesterday, I went to get some money from the ATM, and ran into a something funny story. I was laughing about it the rest of the day, at least. When I went to leave the drive-through ATM area of the bank, some guy was coming in the out driveway. Now, it's just a little transitional driveway to go from one parking lot to another, really, but nonetheless, the driveway I was using was an out only, and this dude was trying to come in it. My window was still open from the ATM action, and so I yelled, "This is an out driveway only, dude! You need to back it up!" And he yells something back at me, but I'm busy putting my shit away, and I was thinking he was going to realize what an asshat he's being, and back the hell up. But he sits there. And so I yell again, and I motion with my hands, and he leans out his window, and yells back at me, and I finally pull up next to him, and I said, somewhat politely, even, "Sir, this is an out driveway...you can't come in this way." And he says, "So I messed up! So what?" And he's still sitting there, so I figure the conversation isn't over, and I say, "Well, so you've made a mistake and you need to back up to fix it, jackass!" I started to drive away, because I was hungry and done with this bullshit, and he says, "Escrew you!" I flipped him off, and I was on my way.

Dumbass. Thinking about it still cracks me up. He was middle eastern, or something, so the "Screw you" had the little extra syllable on there, making it sound more like "Eh-screw you..." And for some reason, that had me rolling on my way to Wendy's.

I need to get out more. but really, why did he sit there and take my shit? So funny...

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