Tuesday, June 01, 2004

A Silo Grows in Missouri

How do you spell "silo"? Is that even right? (Thank you spellcheck...now I know fo sho.) Anyway, had a good weekend away from the homestead. Didn't think about gardening, or bunnies eating my favorite little plants, or the walnut tree development in my back yard for a whole 2.5 days. Watched the Laker game on Saturday night, and was glad I was almost three sheets by the time it ended, since they sucked it so hard core. Almost died during a "30-Minute Meals" marathon on Sunday, as my boyfriend snoozed the afternoon away while we were trapped in doors by a rain storm that moved across our area on Sunday afternoon. I napped, too, but only briefly...I think I missed an episode and a half of Rachel Ray. But 4 hours of the chick is too much to handle, Food Network. Hear my plea...don't do it again! Ever. Gah.

Sunday evening, we hit the hot tub. There were other people in it, but they were over 16 thank goodness, because we needed the soothing of the magical jets and the heated goodness of the water. We didn't get that, though. Instead, we were boiled alive and were lucky to escape with any finger prints left after having sat in the tub for a whole 3 minutes. Max temp 104 degrees, my ass.

Yesterday was a really nice drive home. He didn't complain at all when I asked for the pitstops I needed, which was kind, and his annoyance was barely noticeable when I finally ventured to bring up the whole "relationship" shit again. (I think I got my point across, but as he IS a man, it's really hard to tell!) Anyway, I'm dating the sweetest guy on the planet, and I love him to bits, which is all that really matters. It was nice to be able to get away with him for a few days...

But now, back to work. Again. And all kinds of social get togethers are popping up this week out of the blue...supposed to have lunch with new best friend today, but had to postpone till Thursday, because I'm a dope, and left her present at home. Surprise dinner with old best friend and hubby tonight, which might not work out because I didn't realize that boyfriend had plans already for tonight (which I hope he doesn't change on account of this, because dinner with old best friend and hubby can wait, for sure. Really...). Gyno appointment tomorrow. I mean, I'm booked solid, it seems! (Ok, the gyno appointment might not seem all that social of an activity to most, but we HAVE to make it seem fun somehow...)

So thank you Eureka Springs and boyfriend for helping me forget about my regular every day life for a while. We'll have to do it again real soon...

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