Monday, June 21, 2004

Um, waiter? There's a fly in my face...

I went outside for 2 minutes to trim the blooming roses from my one and only blooming rose bush. Left the door open a tiny crack. And it was enough for bozo the fly to find his way in and start buzzing around my house freaking out. He's currently flying around the house in a circle, starting in the kitchen, then through the living room, into my bedroom, then into the computer room, and then back out to the kitchen to start all over again. Wait...he must've landed for a second, because he hasn't...nope. There he is!

Anyway...flies are dumb. I equate them to men. And Branch Managers at my company. He could have stayed outside, enjoying the surreal life that a fly must live out of doors. (At least, I imagine it to be somewhat surreal...I mean, everything must just look HUGE!!! Not that it doesn't when they're in doors, though...oh well. I'm sick. My train of thought simply is going to wander, m-kay?) But instead, he flew into my house, for some unknown reason, and gave up the fresh outdoor air for a buzz in a limited area. And an eventual meeting with one of the many outdated magazines I have lying on my coffee table. Poor dumb bastard.

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