Thursday, June 17, 2004

We all have cell phones now, right?

Ok, there's this commercial they play on the radio station I listen to when I'm at work (the only classical station in Kansas City...). I've heard it over the last couple of days. And this isn't a bias thing, because I work for a different mortgage company than the one that's being advertised. I just don't get the lay out of the commercial, if that makes any sense. Here's the deal: First, there's this chick calling and leaving a message for her husband, presumably at home because she's saying, "If you're there, pick up...", and that's not generally something you'd say when calling someone's cell, right? So she says she's found the perfect house, and he needs to call her back right away. Next, it's this guy's voice doing the same thing...telling her she needs to call him back immediately because he's found the perfect place. Then she calls back again and says, "I can't wait any longer...I'm going to head over to Blah-Blah Bank and get a loan! Bye!" And then his voice, "I can't wait for you to call back. I'm going over to Blah-Blah Bank and start the loan." And then he says, "Just call my cell when you get this message."

Um, excuse me? Why the FUCK weren't you calling each other on your goddam cell phones in the first place, retards?

Bugs the shit out of me...


Anonymous said...

You're right, that IS a pretty stupid commercial. I feel like I've heard every single moronic radio commercial there is at work sometimes! I can deal with it for a few days, but eventually I break down from all the dumbness (and shitty songs, and idiotic radio shows) ... which is when I have to load up a backpack full of cd's and bring 'em on in (thank GAWD for Windoze Media Player). Kind of like a triumphant little FUCK YOU!! to the total piece o'crap of a clock radio they've so graciously provided for our listening ... pleasure. =]


Faith said...

Well, I'm glad I'm not the only one who's heard that nonsense. Not that I could write a better commercial, or anything. But I could give them some advice on their finished product before they share it with the public.

I'm a cd freak at work as well...even the classical music can get repetitive at times! (Someone at that station really loves waltzes by Strauss. And while I'm all for a little Strauss every now and then, playing the same damned waltz every day isn't a good plan, as far as I'm concerned...) But I've got a mess of cd's on my desk right now, and I really need to take them home and exchange them out for new ones to listen to. Right now, I'm in the mood for some Cocteau Twins, though. Four-Calendar Cafe, here I come!