Saturday, June 26, 2004

Well, there's good news and there's bad news...

I think I mentioned how I have this wedding I need to go to tonight, and how there was a bit of stress involved due to the fact that I couldn't find an appropriate dress to wear to it at all (as well as the fact that I will now be going alone when I originally had responded that there would be 2 of us attending, but there's not much to be done about that). I had ordered one online, but the fabric has no give, and while it fit me perfectly in the waist, it wouldn't close on my chest, which is the story of my life. So I went shopping the other night, and found a lovely dress that fits well, and I can zip up on my own, because it's got a side-zipper.

My friend L just called me to ask me what I was wearing...she had spoken to our friend A about what she was wearing when they were together last night, and A said to L, "Oh no...I think Faith is wearing the same dress!" So L called me this morning, and we've worked out that I will just find something else to wear.

Here's the reasoning: she shopped for "like, 4 hours on Tuesday, and finally found this dress!" I only shopped for 3. She has already purchased "all the pink accessories for wearing with the dress"...I was going to go find appropriately pink shoes today, but hadn't yet done so. (So far, only my toes were painted pink for the situation, and that'll match the other dress I have, so no biggy there. I also wanted to wear some jewelry that I hadn't had the occassion to wear yet, and it matches perfectly with the dress, but it'll work just as well another time, I'm sure.) So she's one up on me there, too.

I have a hard time finding dresses that will fit me when I shop...I'm a size 16, and my boobs are actually pushing it when I wear that size. They fit, but only when forced. Stores have only just started carrying dresses in 16, and I'm grateful to them for it, but many of them only carry dresses up to size 14, and then you have to order anything bigger online. Problem is, I like to try things on to see if it's even something I would want.

L is probably a size 2 or 4, and could fit into anything she puts on at any store, as long as they haven't run out of that size which would never really happen. But, I can definitely see how she might have settled on the same dress that I did. It's very cute, perfectly appropriate for the occassion, and it was a reasonable price. It can be used again in many situations. I'm going to return mine, though. I have no occassions in the near future it would work for. And if I'm not going to use it for this one, well, I could use the $150 more, is all.

So, the good news is, we found out about it before we ran into each other at the event. Men probably don't understand how embarassing that can be for women, but it just is.

The bad news is, I will now be wearing a somewhat inappropriate dress for the occassion, as it is all I have in my closet that I haven't already worn to a wedding for one of the friends that will be at the event tonight, and it's the most appropriate out of anything else I own right now. But it is comfortable, and it fits well, and I think I can zip it up'll be interesting to see what happens there, really. The two times I've worn it, I had to have someone help me. But, oh well! It'll be a fun challenge this afternoon.

I'm just wondering when things are going to start going my way. And I could have told L to go blow, and she could find any number of dresses that would fit her whereas I have trouble with that, but she is very tempermental. Holding grudges is what she was born for, and she has no flexibility at all, really. She only asked me which one of us should back down because she knew I'd give in, and that she would "win" the wearing of the dress. She was very nice about it, and said that she could search through her closet if she needed to, but I also got my jab in there when I said that I do have a dress I can wear, although it's somewhat inappropriate for the occassion, but I figure no one's going to be looking at me, anyway. The bride is the focus at these things.

So, I'm off to start my day. I have two dresses to return, and some ciggies to buy (everyone loves my cloves when I'm at these occassions...I shouldn't smoke nearly as many as I did the other night, and I'm hoping that I'll be lending out a bunch of them, really...), and a lawn to mow, and all. *sigh!*

I'm such a good girlfriend to my girls. It's not as hard as I make it seem. I'm just a little disappointed, really...but I'll get over it with the help of a few free drinks and some laughs and dancing with a great big group of old friends.

Life rolls merrily along, doesn't it?...

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FaithsTwin said...

I hope you understand how pathetic I find this whole thing. Those people, as friendly as you want to think of them, suck.

I haven't liked them for a while and the way they treated us on our birthday solidified it for me.

You were too nice to "L" IMO.

She needed to go blow hotsauce out her ass for asking you to forego your dress over HER doing it. I would have shown up in it anyway- with bells tied on.