Thursday, June 03, 2004

What do 2 pennies sound like when rubbed together?

I'm poor. No, I'm poorer than poor...I'm so poor, I'm just po. The rest of the word is out of my means at this point.

And yet I have a lunch with a friend planned for today, and a co-worker in from out of town that I'm going out with tonight, and outlandish electric bills to pay because I was an idiot and somehow forgot to pay it last month. Man, is it because of the full moon that things are going so awry in my life right now? I can't seem to do anything other than piss my lovely boyfriend off for the past 2 weeks, and he doesn't deserve it...not at all. I just don't even know what the hell is up.

All I can say is that my daily horoscope on Yahoo! is off, man...waaaaayyyyy off. All it's talking about lately is how lovey-dovey me and my S.O. are, and how things are peachy-keen in all aspects of life because I'm in such control. Heh. Maybe I've been switched to another sign without knowing it. Or maybe the person who pulls those horoscopes together has found a new drug to play with.

It is June, though. And June is a notoriously icky month for me, really. Two death anniversaries to deal with that were rather significant to me, and are hard to face. A retarded friend is having her wedding on June 26th, which just happens to be the day before one of the death anniversaries.

Blech. Can we get to December already please?

Update: Yeah, I made a co-worker cry just before I left for lunch. Can I catch a break at ALL??? (I sent her an apology note, in case she didn't want to hear my voice on her cell/home phone at all. But I don't know if she'll read it anytime soon. I hope she does...)


RiotGeek said...

Wow! Well you are on a roll aren't you? Co-Workers crying, boyfriends pissed (well you should have told me to be pissed because I'm not)... You think your Horoscope is wrong? I apparently was born under the wrong sign for all my life, how's that for wrong?

Faith said...

Well, you should be pissed, because I'm behaving like a jack-ass lately, and I'm well aware of it. I'm hoping it's one of those things where the first step is admitting it...

The co-worker that cried wrote me back and said she was fine, and I didn't make her sad, but rather it was the situation that did it. I just felt stupid, really, because I should have handled it more sensitively and more rationally. But I was all, "You didn't get paid because you didn't make enough money to get paid! Alrighty, buh-bye!!" All smiley and was completely out of line. At least when I think back on it, in my head, I sounded like a moron. But I guess I didn't, really...

Just icky. Blech. Really want the day to be over now, please...:)