Monday, July 12, 2004

Feelin' goooood...:)

My post on Joelle's guest blog dealio today has the most comments of any of the guest bloggers thus far. And helpful ones at that...I like that when I ask a question, helpful and constructive answers are given in response. Makes my day!

I do so wish I could hang with the San Diego group this weekend! But my flight on Sunday is at 8:30 a.m....icky. It gets me home at a reasonable hour, though. Plus, best friend M and her hubby A will be up for the John Mayer concert at Irvine Ampitheater on Saturday night, and we're going to be getting together afterwards, I think. (Twin, are you working on pulling that together? Or should I try calling M tonight? Lemme know...) So really, my only free night when I'm home is Friday. And I think the Twin said something about getting together with an old friend at a new place in Irvine on Friday. (She also made mention of the From Hell Traffic that we'd run into if we tried to head into SD on a Friday night, and I do recall it was NOT a fun thing to hang out in. But traffic won't keep us from going to the premiere the night before, so I don't know why it should even be considered as a deterent to going to SD on Friday...)

So maybe the next trip home will be a better time for me to hook up with some of the SD bruthas. *Sigh!* Oh well...we'll have to see. I'm just very excited about the trip, really! WOOHOO!!


lyn said...

If you change your mind, there is stuff going on for Friday too. And about your flight leaving at 8am. Ouch. You could just stay out all night and go straight to the airport (which is what I would do....)

Faith said...

I was hoping that something might still be going on on Friday night as all do seem to get out a good amount, which is one of the reasons I wish I could live in the same town as you and Joelle and Mikey!

I'll definitely let you know what's going on. I just need to see what the Twin would be up for, is all. I'll be blogging a-plenty on Thursday and Friday. So I'll keep you updated!