Friday, July 23, 2004

I don't understand...

Ok. I'm done with people today. I just went into the ladies' room, and went to my "regular" stall, and someone had shit on the seat.

(A) HOW does one go about shitting on the seat, per se?
(B) How does one go about shitting on the seat, and not clean it the fuck UP when they realize they have shit on the goddam seat??
(C) Does this person work on my floor, and if so, they have obviously managed to avoid shitting on the seat before, or they cleaned it up, or something. So why couldn't they have done so this time?

It doesn't matter, though. I don't care if you're stopping at a Shell station to let one fly when on a road trip from North Dakota to clean up after yourself, gosh darnit!! We are not bears in the goddamed woods, for Pete's sake! We're human beings! We need to do our part to keep public places clean and happy and habitable for those around us. So remember, the next time you want to cover yourself with some stinky perfume in a public restroom, some women don't even wear perfume, and might not like smelling like yours after simply stepping into the space where you decided you needed to reapply yours halfway through the day. And we all need to share the counter space, and leaving it wet and ucky with soap might be a more inconsiderate way to share it than cleaning up if you get a bit over-excited about washing your hands or if your child uses it and has a water-war with it's reflection in the mirror, or something. And just one more thing: if you do anything and some of it accidentally gets on the seat, or in any other visible place other than deep within the bowl itself, clean. it. UP! I mean, DAMN!!


Anonymous said...

Okay, that was 'effin gross !! Almost as bad as when I was using a stall once, and the chappie in the stall next to mine was jacking off, LOUDLY, and talking dirty as he did so. Needless to say, I got outta Dodge ASAP !!

FaithsTwin said...

O. M. G.


People are retahhhded, dude. There was this time when I was working customer service for that store and someone didn't just get it on the seat- they got it allll over the wall behind them, on the floor, it got up and over the two stalls on either side. It was NAAAASSTTTYYY!

All I could think was, "Did they explode!? And if one explodes in a bathroom, doesn't it leave something ON THEM!? Besides, what if other people were in there at the same time- inevitably there are others in with you- wouldn't THEY have freaked out on your ass?"

Ugh. Too much thought about nasty stuff. Going to lay down now and watch Alton Brown...eeewwww- BROWN!