Monday, July 12, 2004


Losing my mind. It's my own damned fault, though. I'm not an ass, though. Just a girl who was in love, and got trampled on. It hurts more than some people realize, I guess. And that's their prerogative. I guess I just thought they would be able to understand more than they apparently do. Which is what makes it all so hard to walk away from. *sigh!*

And falling in love with a blogger, moreover, was a terrible idea! Correction: falling in love with a blogger who wasn't in love with me back was a terrible idea. I love reading about this chick's experiences with her blogging love. And this one's must work for some. But I guess that's where I made my mistake. I had, yet again, fallen for someone who hadn't/wasn't going to fall for me. It's a nasty cycle, really. Wonder when it's going to stop?


I want to go home and see where they're at on my bath remodel. I'm sooooo excited! Only one more night in the hotel bed. Yay! Tomorrow, I'll be back to being at home, taking showers in my lovely new shower without the dot of paint in it from when I painted the walls and nasty old drain in it. Yay! Oh, and then I go to California the next day. Yay!

My shoulder still hurts, though. Dammit.

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