Wednesday, July 14, 2004

Too busy to even think straight...

Why is it that all the work comes pouring in the morning I need to get my ass out of here early, so I can take off on time for the airport? One of the managers has been playing dead all week, and he suddenly decided to come to life last night/this morning, and NOW he needs my help? Uh-uh,'re gonna have to wait until next week, now. Dumbass. (And he's my fave manager, usually...he's rapidly falling into the pit of hell, though, and I'm not going with him, that's for sure!)

So I just thought I'd say good-bye! I should be blogging as normal tomorrow, but the rest of today will be devoted to working, packing, and driving my ass to the airport.

So very excited! Have a good day, all!!

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FaithsTwin said...

Though I am excited, I find myself stressed as well.

And Connie is in one of her moods...and won't let up. WHYYYYY didn't I take the prozak today?! Tomorrow I am taking it all day.