Monday, July 12, 2004

Update (it's a boring one, though...)

The bathroom is grouted, painted, and the sink and toilet were both installed today while I was gone. YAY!!!! Looks like some paint touch ups need to happen, and they need to install my medicine cabinet and the bath fixtures, as well as the towel rack, but that's IT! (Oh, some caulking clearly needs to be done around the tub, and all...but that's speedy work, isn't it? I think it is...)

So, looks like I can check out of the hotel with confidence tomorrow morning. WOOHOO!!! I'm a very happy Faith tonight. Time to go celebrate...:)

PLUS, B is back in town this week, and I'm pretty sure we'll be getting together tomorrow night for drinks and general tom foolery.

And then I leave for Cali on Wednesday! Although I guess I've mentioned that about, oh, 30 times already today. Awww, so the fuck what, right? I'm going to Cali, baby! It's exciting, dammit. Recognize!

Nighty night night night...

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FaithsTwin said...

Coming to Ca is exciting, but I hope it's the REASON you are coming here that makes quite a diff this time. ;) I have to say, I REALLY appreciate you making it out. I can't imagine going through this without you there. I would have been bummed if you couldn't have made it. I don't know if you have the bus advertisements we do here, but every time H sees it, she's like, "Mom, there's Matt. It makes me think of that preview where he's behind the gun..." It's funny when she imitates it. His face is on almost every bus here...and it's the same advert that I have the invite for.

Now, just start focusing GOOD karma on the traffic heading up and we should be fine. I figure it won't take longer than an hour and a half, but you never can know...

I'm so happy your bathroom came through in the time they said it would! Can they come to SoCal and do my kitchen asap? Thanks.