Friday, July 16, 2004

Well, I survived the night.

Ok, the movie was marvelous...which was what I expected. And I won't say anything else about it, really. Because you should go and see it yourselves. Nyah. :P
The afterparty wasn't as exclusive as I'd hoped it'd be, but we found a mellow spot to hang out in, and watched the people from there for a while. Some blond (and older) woman was wearing a black dress with one of those plunging necklines, and she had big hair and sparkly everything, and she stood around the front "door" for a while, waiting for God knows what. Yeah, she was interesting. And there was a woman that was in the theater that sat across from us that had on a cute outfit, but had a pink fuzzy purse that we all took notice of. My sister's co-worker (one of the recipients of the coveted 4 tickets Twin purchased) looked longingly at the bag because she was a bit cold, and she thought it might help to keep a person warm. Plus she wanted to pet it. She figured she wouldn't be able to ever have a furry bag, as she might be looked at as being odd by anyone she was with for continuously petting it. I decided that if I had a fuzzy bag ever, I would name it "Baggy". My sister and her co-worker decided they would have named this particular purse "Peaches". Because it was pink. And fuzzy. And that's all about that...(sorry...I'm a bit tired. Bleh.)
As the night wore on, we decided to move into the party a bit more and see who we could see. My sister had given the 4th ticket to a fan that had been bidding against her for them online, but who lost to my sister on the final day of bidding. Her name was Jeri Jo and she was from Indiana. Nice lady...she really was a sweetheart. And she kept saying how lucky she was to have been able to be attending the event with girls like us. (We were being quite silly...apparently she thought we were fun for it. I'm very glad about that...we can be annoyingly goofy at times.) Anyway, Jeri Jo moved a bit slowly, and once we got to the area where the movie's stars were at, we found a table to sit at for a bit. They had a wall of security around Matt and Ben and all those folks, so we couldn't get very close to them at fact, being somewhat average height myself, I couldn't even see them when I stood on my tippy toes. Oh biggy to me. I went and got another free drink. :) A "waiter" tried to take my sister's glass of wine that she wasn't finished with, and she protested, and he looked at her and said, "Are you with the Snyder party?" (The area we wound up in had had tables reserved for Universal Pictures bigwigs, it turned out...but they had mostly left by the time we found the table.) Both my sister and I looked at the guy, and we were all, "Dude, the Snyders left a long time ago...we're pretty sure they could give a shit if we're hanging out at their table." He walked away looking like he was just disgusted and appauled by our gall. Dumbass. We stayed there for a while, looking longingly at the wall of security a few feet away, talking about the different people we saw around us. And then these two older ladies tapped my shoulder and asked me, "Is Tracy Snyder gone?" I said, "You know, she must've left, because this table has been empty for a while." "That's too bad," they said. "Do you know when she left?" "No, no...I'm sorry! I think they might've gone upstairs, maybe?" They thanked me and went along their way. I had no idea who Tracy Snyder was, but now we had a first name to give super-pain-in-the-ass-waiter-dude if he gave us any more trouble. Nice old ladies...
So we sat a bit more. And then I felt another tap. I turned to find the same old ladies, and they asked me, "Are you with Universal?" No, I told them. "Oh. Do you know if any of them are still here?" I suggested that maybe the table next to us had Universal folks at it, because they'd all been there for a while, and they seemed pretty well established. "Well, sure! That's Cathy...of course they're from Universal," they said. Of course, I said. I knew Cathy was still there. I just didn't know where Tracy had gotten off to, I told them. "Oh. Well, thanks for your help, honey," they said, and they wandered off toward the crowd again.
I love old people who share info inadvertently. Hee!
So I turn back to the table, and tell my sister and the other girls what the old ladies had been asking me, and my sister says, "Cathy! Cathy is over at that table?" Apparently, Cathy was one of the people she'd spoken to over the past week about the tickets and the event and all that. So she gets up and heads over to the table to see what she could find out. Somehow, she found the person she needed to find, because she and Jeri Jo were lead behind the stronghold of security where they got to hug and kiss and take pictures with Matt. I got one snap, over the shoulders of security (big mean security guy said, "Ok, you have your picture, now move along..." Yeah, heck off, asshole...), and I can only hope it isn't just the top of Jeri Jo's head...I'll get them developed tomorrow and find out then. But Matt was a sweetie to them, and they got all kinds of pictures. It was fun. :)
Thank you strange old ladies, wearing too much pink lipstick, and chock full of seemingly useless info. You saved the evening for one very sweet fan from Indiana that flew in for one day in hopes of getting exactly what she got to do. Weird old ladies ROCK! :P
It was a good night. I was absolutely exhausted by the time we finally got home, though. I feel ok right now, but I might have a meltdown by 3 if I don't get a nap. Looks like Twin is up for heading to SD tonight, yay! I'm definitely up for some more fun! AND I have some film left over to burn, baby. Woo! So hopefully, I can get something planned in that area.
Wish I had better stories to tell. I didn't get to see George Clooney, but I did see Don Cheadle (sp?), and Jeri Jo was all over the place getting random autographs from some really nice actors, which was fun. (We couldn't read one of them...she's seen him in some movies, but she doesn't know his name. The autograph looked like "Gose Nideru" to me. Anybody heard of him? :P) And there were definitely plenty of people to look at, that's for sure. It was a good evening, really. I'm so stoked that the movie is as good as it is!
Thanks, Twin, for inviting me...I'm glad I could make it out here for the fun, and to be there to be the go-between for the little old ladies and yourself so that you could get in and say hey to Matt finally. Isn't it strange how some things work out? :)


FaithsTwin said...

Yes, yes it IS odd how some things work out and I really appreciate you being so friendly with the odd old ladies. You forgot to mention the HUGE pink fake gerber by the ear of the one lady. Karma will bite me in the ass for at least half the thoughts I had regarding outfits last night.

It was a blast, and I am VERY happy you made it out. Sorry it wasn't as exclusive as we thought it would be. You never can know about these things...

Here is a link for some pics that people can go check out at my friend Felicity's site. It's a good Matt Damon site- NOT fluffy at all, she stays relatively unbiased with her comments if and when she makes them and she is generally cooler than I am due to the fact she is Australian. :)

Yes I am "up for" visiting SD. Sounds like fun, I'm not exactly too old to live like this, yet not too young for people to think it's irresponsible behavior, and I'll recover nicely from lack of sleep starting Sunday.

Anonymous said...

Ok so what was the movie? Glad you had fun. Be prepared for lots more fun when you return. I plan to plan something totally fun (need to) in the next week or 2. Have a safe trip back!