Monday, July 26, 2004

Where the hell did the word "sundry" come from, anyway?

This is a post full of randomness, because I'm in a random mood, apparently.

My boss rocks. Not just because he's so cool about the time off I need to take from time to time, or because he's right up on the cuss-meter along with me when we're talking shit in the office, or even because he always has my back when I ask him to help me out. No, it's because last week, when my co-worker called out to him to bring back presents as he left the office to run errands, he actually asked what she wanted. She, of course, said she was kidding. But when he came back, he had big snack bags of mini chocolate chip Teddy Grahams for the both of us. Eeeee! Has anybody tried these things? They're like Chips Ahoy mixed with Cookie Crisp cereal...I looooove them!

And tomorrow is my big court date. I've never been to court before. I'm prepared as prepared could be, but I'm afraid the judge won't like me, and will wind up sympathizing with the defendants, or something. I cannot imagine how the whole thing will play out, and how nervous I'll wind up being, or if it'll just feel natural as I step up to the podium (is there a podium?) to say my piece in the most professional and perfectly described way as I can. I've got supporting docs, and pictures, and letters that I sent to the defendants asking them to give me my money without having to get to this point...It's all been filed neatly into a folder in an order that makes it easy for me to find what I'll need as soon as the judge asks me for it. But I'm freaking out about the whole thing. It's JUST small claims, though...and it's not like it's the goddamed People's Court, or's mellow old Johnson County court. MAN, I hope it goes well! (For those who have no idea what I'm talking about, the people who sold me my house in September last year didn't tell me that there was a hole the size of a cat in my sewer pipe - they preferred to call it the "clean out valve", which, I can assure you, it was not. When my toilet backed up in February, it backed up right into my backyard. And then we had a rainstorm or two, and the hole in the pipe was exposed for what it was, because the dirt all around it totally eroded - INTO the pipe, no less - and in the end, I had to shell out $600 for everything to be fixed, and for the proper kind of clean out valve to be installed...I'm asking the people who sold me the house to pay me back, because of the way they disclosed the hole to me in the paperwork for the sale of the home. I think it's only fair.)

It is a beautifully perfect day again here in the Kansas City metro. Supposed to be a high of about 77 again, with barely any wind, and not anything but lovely little puffy clouds in the sky. I can't wait to head out to grab lunch in a bit. It's not supposed to be like this in Kansas City at the end of July, my friends. Is it one of the signs of the apocolypse? If so, I wish they were all so pretty and pleasant to deal with...

Oh. My God. My boss has a meeting with one of the cutest guys I've seen in a long time right now. He's wearing a dark suit and a good tie. He is taaaaaallll. He has blue eyes. (I met him two seconds ago, and already noticed his eye color...THAT is how good looking he is!) I'm so glad I'm wearing cute clothes today. :) I really, REALLY hope we hire him. I mean...DAMN! (I at least hope that he doesn't mind it when I jump his bones before he leaves the office...)

And that's all I got for now. Yee-haw!


lyn said...

hmmm..eye candy at work is always good.

hope all goes well in court tomorrow, i will send positive energy.

Faith said...

Dude, that wasn't even the end of it. At 2, my boss had a meeting with ANOTHER adorable boy! I was in heaven.

Unfortunately, he's making the manager that wants to hire them sweat a bit. I'm afraid she's going to decide it's not worth it, and let them run along to another company. But I'm keeping my fingers crossed for future combined-office happy hours, fo sho! Ow!! :)

Anonymous said...

those cute guys? both gay.

Faith said...

Smart ass. :P