Monday, October 25, 2004

And I thought MY Saturday night was pretty bad...

Ashlee Simpson.


Thanks babe. I needed that. And the country definitely needed someone new to step up as the Official Jackass, because I think we're all pretty damned sick of the political shit right now, no? So, good job. GREAT timing, IMO. (On the stepping up as a jackass, of course...not on the lip synching, cuz, yeah...)

**UPDATE: Found some info at a website I found through Mikey that helped me understand a bit more of this fiasco. And I'm loving knowing the whole story..."here's the word from a friend of mine who was at the show, and got it straight from the director, beth mccarthy, who she was a guest of: ashlee can't sing. she tried all day friday, but was whining to her voice coach. they decided to leave her mike on so she could sing along to the track, but after the first line or two of the first song, turned her off cause she was awful. so, as of the first song, all the mikes were off.
now, they had the wrong song queued up for the second song, obviously. it really was the drummer's fault. apparently he was supposed to signal something or start in with some beat, and the one he did was for the first song. because he fucked up, the guy doing the tape hurried up and put the first song on, because that was what the drummer had signalled. when this got all fucked up, they did two things:
1. turned on all the mikes so the band could take over and start the real song. which they didn't. have no idea why.2. turned off the tape so the band could play the real song.
they were going to turn on ashlee's mike so she could sing the real song, but decided not to because the band was just playing the first song. the guys were smiling cause they were simply thinking "what a fucking clusterfuck".
beth mccarthy was also the director of the superbowl halftime show last year, so she's no stranger to ... malfunctions.Posted by: carolina at October 24, 2004 05:57 PM"

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lyn said...

i think this is really funny. and pathetic at the same time.

and did you see the man this weekend? where are the details?