Tuesday, October 26, 2004

Grocery list

I can't remember if I used the last of my q-tips the last time I loaded up my q-tip jar. And I'm going to the market on my way home from work today...but I can't remember if I used them all, so I'm not sure if I need them. So now I'll have to buy a box, and hope that I needed them.


I need surprisingly few things this week, though. Yeee!! I love short shopping lists. Means more money for beer at the end of this week. :D


FaithsTwin said...

Q-tips are *always* useful... No matter how many you have.

Or so I have found. They are great for cleaning out those shitty straws that come with the drink cups from Ruby's or TGIF's of whatever place gives you the kids cup for $100.

Faith said...

I needed the box. So I'm glad I bought it. :)

I agree with the handiness of q-tips. I'm grateful for their existence.