Thursday, October 21, 2004

I need Boardwalk

Anybody playing the McDonald's Monopoly game? I need the Boardwalk game piece in order to get the $1 Million.

If you send it to me, I'll give you 5% of the take. I swear.


FaithsTwin said...

I'll give you mine if I find it- but I'll need a better deal since I'm your twin.

So far I have a couple...I never go to McD's for my Diet Cokes- SUCH a waste of money when I can get 'em so cheap at AM/PM; but when they have this game going you KNOW I'm all over it. I got a free McFlurry today, too. Good for one of the kids as a treat.

Faith said...

Yeah...I got a free breakfast sammich from my hashbrowns on hangover Sunday this past week. And since I usually only ever get breakfast food from there, that hits me up just fine!

And ok, if you give me Boardwalk, you can have 8%. Deal?

Huge Junk said...

Why go for the million, when you can go
for the pimped out honda accord?

You could put a sweet fin on there, maybe
some decals on the side.

Just a thought...

Faith said...

They have a Honda Accord they're giving away? Why do I keep getting all the stupid game pieces that would win me a home theater or a satellite system, then? (And if I were to win said Honda, I would definitely find the biggest pimp-daddy to sell it to immediately.)

But since I actually have half of what I need in order to get the $1 Mill, I think I'll stick with that goal. It's just easier. :P