Thursday, October 21, 2004

The Red Sox. And new guys at work AND home...

Life is icky for me this morning. I mean, it's not terrible, or anything, but I'm in a slump. Ok, first off, let me say that I'm happy the Red Sox won, and am looking forward to seeing if they can pull off a win in the World Series. I don't care whether they wind up playing St. Louis or Houston...I want the Sox to win.

That said, let me just move on to the new men in my life. Dave seemed to be going smoothly overall. Yes, we're still just getting to know each other, and I know virtually nothing about him except for the basics (only child, father is still alive, mother is not, never lived with anyone, has been in his house for 20 years, and he doesn't have to work - which is a mystery to me - but he's getting bored not working, which makes sense...), and I'm starting to share shit about my family and that sort of thing between innings when we're watching the games at his house, but nothing mind-blowing, I don't think. Last night, he gave me a copy of the latest Vanity Fair he had on his coffee table, and I was immediately drawn in due to the fact that Johnny Depp was on the front (holy LORD he is hot!), so I flipped through it a bit, and landed on the horoscope page, which he leaned over to read along with me. We read each other's horoscope, and then I flipped to another page that he leaned over and was enjoying with me, and I said, "Would you like to read the magazine?" Just sort of playfully, you know? And he said, no, he thought we were doing the "couple thing", you know, reading it together.

??? Again, I've known the dude for about 5 days now. And while I'm fine with little comments here and there referencing the future, because it's sort of flirty, and cute, that just seemed odd for some reason. Am I wrong? Wasn't that an odd thing to say?

Well, maybe it doesn't seem so odd until later. When he flipped out after I told him that I had been dating men that I met through internet dating sites for a while. He laughed at me. Like it was some sort of totally foreign concept, or something, to actually meet people through the internet. I admit, there was a time when I thought it was a silly idea, too. But I got over it, and realized that it isn't as unsafe as some people make it out to be. I've never dated anyone that turned out to be married, or who tried to attack me, or who was super-different than they made themselves out to be in their profile. (Except Patrick/Asshole...who claims in his profile that honesty is the most important thing to him over any other quality. Umm..okaaayyy. He just failed to mention that he actually didn't follow the policy of truth over everything himself.) So, really, it hasn't been a bad experience for me. But for him to laugh at me? I didn't understand that. So I asked him if he had some sort of problem with it, and he said, "No! works for you, so that's fine. Good luck with that. I hope it works out for you, really."

*Blink, blink...* Huh?

So I sat there quietly, watching the 8th inning of the Red Sox/Yankee game, and he starts saying that the game is over, and asks me if I'm tired or anything. I just was kind of quiet, though, and he asked me about that. So I looked at him, and I asked him again if he had a problem with the fact that I'd dated people that I'd met on the internet, and he reitterated that if it worked for me, then that's great, and he hopes that it works out well for me. I was all, "That! The whole 'hope it works out for me' thing...what is that supposed to mean?" He just said it again, so I gave up. I stopped talking. At one point, I leaned over and hugged him, and he put his arm around me, and everything seemed ok. But when I said I'd better go home, he almost jumped up from the couch, and had my coat in his hands, helped me into it, gave me a kiss goodbye, and I swear it was like the storm door slammed after I walked out of it.

I don't get it. But I'm trying not to dwell on it, either. I'm planning on calling him later to chat about it. Because I need to know why he suddenly started behaving so differently. Not cool...

When I went home, I decided to cheer myself up by watching the episode of The Bachelor I had recorded. And my GOD, it wound up being a good thing to watch before heading to bed! Some of those women are right out fucked up, man. The nasty-ass bachelor decided that they should have a pajama party. (Ok, he said that he had decided that they should, but I doubt he actually came up with the idea to put 8 women that he's dating all at the same time into up-the-butt lingerie, give them champaigne, play truth or dare, and see how the evening would progress from there. This had evil producer written alllll over it. And I loved it!) One girl, a throw-back from The Bachelor with Bob, got upset and started crying, and another girl thought she did it just to get attention from her man, and it pissed her off. Like to the point where she lost it, and started talking to him like she was his boss in a sweatshop sewing factory. When he gave her a fucking rose at the end and asked her to stay, I laughed, turned off the VCR, and headed to bed. Men. Are. Stupid.

As for work, the new boss is not making me happy. I called him yesterday, and he never called me back. That just really makes me wonder. My old boss (who is still technically my boss as well, but doesn't have absolute power over me any more like he used to...) would have called me back before the end of the day for sure if I left him a message while he was in a meeting/on the road. Anyway, my problem lies in the fact that the new boss has an old admin that still is helping him out with certain stuff. His old job has some loose ends that she's involved in helping him tie up, which is perfectly cool and fine. But she wants to be involved in things that are strictly MY job, and have been for the past 3 years. There is NO reason for her to be involved in any way in the HR aspect of my region's employees, and yet she's trying to get involved all the same. I don't understand why. So I stopped arguing with her about it. I called my new boss to ask him to step in and help. He didn't call me back. (I can't write him an e-mail about it, because she has access to them. Dammit.) So I'm irritated by that this morning. I sent him an e-mail that said that I was hoping he'd be able to find a minute to call me this morning, as I had a couple of questions. He said he'd try in a bit after a meeting he has to go to.

I have to give him the benefit of the doubt, because it is a transitional time, and he's going to have to be on the road for the next 3 weeks of it, which sucks. But when I call my boss, I expect him to call me back the same day. Period. They can even call me at home, you know? But whatever. It's a new thing. I'll try to relax about it a bit. I have the control over the situation right now that I need, which is the important thing.

Ok, before I start shooting fireballs out my nose just thinking about the other admin, I'd better shove off. Hope everyone is having a lovely Thursday. Yay for it being almost the weekend, eh? WOO!


lyn said...

yeah, that is kinda weird. and you *should* talk to him today before you start to make stuff up in your head as to why he did that.

that being said, you are right. men are stupid. but we love them anyways :)

Faith said...

We DO love them anyways, don't we? What is that all about? Sheesh...

And not *all* men are stupid, I s'pose. I mean, there's always Mikey. He seems pretty sharp. Hey Mikey, can you do us girls a favor and spread the word to your less intelligent brothers that they need to step it up a bit, maybe?

Julie said...

" works for you, so that's fine. Good luck with that. I hope it works out for you, really." That has snarky sarcasm dripping off it. C'mon, if you were to say that to someone, you know you wouldn't be saying it sincerely.

The warning bells are going off all over the place for me, reading this. Be careful. It's so easy to justify weirdness early on (we so want to like them), and it comes back to bite you later.