Wednesday, October 20, 2004

Thanks Mom...:)

I asked my mother to give me guidance in life (my relationships in particular, of course...) last night before I went to bed. I didn't have any dreams that answerd my question for help...I did have weird dreams about weighing myself, etc...that I think were due to the impression that the new show on NBC called "The Biggest Loser" left on me, but no dreams that answered the question of whether I should stay the course I'm currently on with David (who likes to go by "Dave", actually, and so that's how I'll refer to him from now on...), or if I should release my concerns and let things go where they may.

Then I read today's quickie love horoscope: Rein in your high flyin' tendencies and walk slowly toward a new romantic goal. Don't let confusion distract you from this partnership.

Well ok, then. (That's much better than the crap it gave me about flying kites last week, at least!)

Thanks Mom! Love you...


lyn said...

yeah, what your mom said via horoscope. oh, and i still wouldn't count the yahoo guy out. even if he ranted about women, sometimes they are just venting. you can tell if they really mean that stuff if you go out with them and they treat you like crap.

p.s. i'm your idol? blushing....

Faith said...

Yep...I'm not counting the Yahoo guy out just yet, actually. Dave wigged last night, and really showed off his level of maturity when it comes to relationships, and it wasn't cool. He laughed at me when I told him that I'd been meeting men through the internet dating scene, and then told me, "Well, good luck with that. I hope it works out for you."

WTF? Did I miss something? I thought he was hoping that things between *us* would work out! I think he got the idea that I was telling him that I was still dating other people, which was not the case. But if he's going to be THAT way about it, I'm thinking I still should. I have to talk to him about it today, but it was not a good sign to me. Red flag numero uno...

Huge Junk said...

(with all the understanding that you have
no idea of who I am)

If a girl ever wanted to call me by Robert
instead of Bob, and I really liked her, I
would welcome her calling me something a
bit out of the ordinary.

Sounds like you and this guy aren't on the
same wavelength at all, but then again, I'm
single so maybe I shouldn't give advice.

I like your blog!

Faith said...

Gracias mucho, Bob. Actually, he was introduced to me by his friend Robert, and he had introduced him as "David". So I was confused because a week later, all the rest of his friends were calling him Dave. So I thought I'd better ask him. But I'd been calling him David for a couple of days, and he hadn't said anything. I just asked because in real life, outside this internet thang, I have a name that can be shortened many different ways, and I can appreciate the confusion that some might express when they meet me.

And I really don't know what's going to happen with Dave at this point. I'm blogging like such a mad woman today (Monday the 25th) that I don't think it'd be a good thing to put yet another tid-bit out there. We'll see...

Glad you like the blog!

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