Wednesday, October 27, 2004

This year for Halloween, I want to be...

A grown woman going door to door collecting free candy from my neighbors. Think of it! You open the door, and there I am, 30-years-old, lookin' all cute and shit, saying, "Trick or Treat!" with a big grin on my face, holding my pillow case open for you to drop your candy into. What would you do? I'd give the person candy. Because I figure it like this: since when did the rule book put an age limit on candy collecting on Halloween? I never saw one, personally, so I think it should be allowed. It's a fun activity, and it should be enjoyed by people of all ages, dammit.

And if you slam your door in my face, well, you might as well say "Trick!" as you do it. 'Cuz your garage door is getting egged, muthafucka!!!

Have fun. Go forth and trick or treat to your heart's content this year. Surprise your neighbors by throwing your favorite blanky around your neck fastened with a safety pin, and tell them you're Super-Neighbor, and you just fought off 4 toilet-papering 13 year olds in their front yard for them, so they owe you a Hershey's miniature or two.

Now I'm all excited, and shit. :)


Anonymous said...

If you can prove to me that you did this (yeah, I'm gonna need pictures, probably), I will buy you a case of your favorite beer.

That's right! A case.

Don't accept any nasty cheap-ass candy. Like those gross Bit-o-Honey's, or whatever they're called. Blech!And um, most importantly ... have fun! Don't stay out too late after dark.

Most JoCo folks start locking things down around dusk, anyway.

And don't forget:

Proof of your Halloween antics = a case o'beer!

(You KNOW you want a case of beer.)

(I KNOW I've gotta see these pics.)

(It all works out really nicely. Eh?)

sheri =)

Faith said...

Hmm...a case of beer *is* a really nice incentive, Sheri. I'm going to have to seriously contemplate doing this now. It really would be fun...