Friday, October 29, 2004


Ok, so last night I talked to the Yahoo! Personals guy that went sort of bitch-psycho** on me last week via e-mail. And I figured out why he did that. It's because he's a bit bitch-psycho** it seems.

Why can't I meet a normal guy who is a little bit fun, a little bit laid back and mellow, has some sort of ambition, and doesn't think that the world of women is out to get him? GAH!!

I haven't heard from Dave at all this week, and I'm not calling his ass, because I don't wanna. I figure that if I see him, I see him. I'm not going to stop going to The Blue Moose just because he might be there. I would imagine that he will be. Although, the later the USC games are on here, the better chance of him not being there. He tends to go there earlier in the day on Saturdays. Since tomorrow's game is on at 6, I might be free and clear. We'll see what happens...

**I don't know what "bitch-psycho" means, exactly. But it seems the best way to describe the way this guy acts. I'm not sure if it's nerves, or what, but he talks about inappropriate shit on the phone with me the first time we talk? WTF? (i.e. He has a co-worker that apparently has very large breasts, and he found a way to bring that up in our conversation yesterday when he first called me. Something about not allowing her to play in the company flag football game they're having in November, because everybody's afraid that if she runs, she'll wind up with black eyes. Dude. Not cool...and that was just the tip of the iceberg, really.) He also shared some info with me about how he doesn't introduce just any girl to his mother. It's a "big deal" to get to meet his mom, because that means that he thinks the girl is really important to him. Um, personally, his mom sounds like a real dickwad after he described her to me, and his description of her home being a "safe haven" for him to "escape to" kind of made me want to tell him he's a head case and hang up right then. But who am I to judge, really? I moved 1500 miles away from my family, and created my own "safe haven" in a state that doesn't really have any kind of emotional or physical ties for me or my family, whom I consider myself to be rather close to, btw. I kind of want to meet this guy, just so I can see what he's like in person, and so I can maybe be given the opportunity to throw a drink in his face and walk away. Besides the fact that it seems he simply expects this kind of treatment from the girls he dates, he sort of asks for it, IMO. Anyway, he's bitch-psycho. That's that.


Lushy said...

ALERT! ALERT! Mama's boy! Run! Run like the wind!
Mama's boys are inevitably and irreversibly screwed up. Don't waste your time.

lyn said...

i'm with lushy. mama's boys are not good.

but i also like the idea of you throwing a drink in his face.

have a great weekend!