Friday, October 22, 2004

Velocity girl...

The past two days have been hell for me. So I will end the week with this, found at Lyn's:

Current state of things

Wearing: jeans, 2 layered different colored blue tanks from Limited, and a powder blue cardigan. Oh, and black shoes and socks. (And no, I'm not retarded. It's cute...)
Drinking: Lots and lots of water. As always.
Upset that: The day isn't over yet. Coooome ooooonnnn!! End already, eh?
Luxuriating in: The resolution that occurred between me, the new boss, and the new boss's old assistant. Thank God for small favors.
Reading: E-mails, of course. Always, always, always...
Learning: That the passion I have for my job is strongly driven by the co-workers I get to see daily.
Downloading: Nothing.
Wanting: For the day to be over, so I can have a beer in my hand while watching a movie on the tele.
Listening to: Musical Fruitcake 2000 (which includes the musical stylings of such bands as Sigur Ros, Tosca, and Chicks on Speed...gotta love it!)


FaithsTwin said...

Good- things went well! I'm happy it turned out ok.

I don't know if you got my email, but H and I are now at home due to sudden illness in said kiddo. I'm not feeling too hot either. Whatever this bug is, it's draining me!

Call me tonight. It'll just be me and kids- and I'll be bored more than likely. I want to hear how the email-with-boss-and-assistant went.

Faith said... the e-mail. Sorry you're sick, dude!

I'll talk to you tonight.

lyn said...

your outfit sounds cute.

have a great weekend!