Tuesday, October 19, 2004


So, this guy that I wrote to on Yahoo! Personals last Friday (prior to the whole David thing happening)...yeah, I wrote him yesterday and said the following: "So, not interested, eh? Well, fine! Be that way! (You're so damned cute, though!) :P Anyway, I just thought I'd write and say I'm off the market for now, in case you were sitting there pondering whether you should or shouldn't write me back. (You should even if you're planning on rejecting me, btw...I think it's the nice thing to do.) I met someone over the weekend, and we're going to give things a go, it seems. And I really hate dating more than one person at a time...Which is all info that you're probably sitting there going, "So f-ing what?" But I thought I'd best say something, since I wrote to you in the first place." I then wished him good luck, and signed my name.

But I figured he wasn't interested. I mean, 3 days had passed! And I could see (via the miracle of Yahoo! telling me when the person had last logged in) that he had obviously been logged in at one point or another since I had written him my note. Since he hadn't responded, I simply assumed he thought I was shit.

So he writes back last night, and says the following: "Wow ... in the space of a few hours ... I go from feeling excited to be able to come home and relax and write to you ... since I checked this at work ... and didnt have the time to really collect my thoughts ... and here I come all excited to say hi ... and bam ... I'm made to be a piece of crap. Thanks ... I do hope things go well with your new beau ... I hope he is everything you need ... and thanks for being just slightly rude ... for what its worth you are cute ... and I was looking forward to a nice chat ... guess once again ... Im shown that women are just into their own ideas of dating and reality ... Im sorry if I come across as mean ... its not my style but clearly ... me being on yahoo is a joke ... so ... stay beautiful and best wishes ...." He signed it "Does it matter what my name is"

Shit. Ok, I didn't mean to make him feel bad! I really was just being a smart-ass. But I fucked up. And this guy is so cute! So I wrote him back, apologizing for seeming so nasty, and said that I hoped he would forgive me.

And now I want to chat with him in the worst way! I mean, I like David, but we're just starting to get to know each other. What if we don't wind up liking each other at all, outside of the enjoying watching sports/kissing each other's face stuff?

Sheit. Am I broken, or something? Fuckin' a...


lyn said...

you just need to be like me and juggle 4 guys at once. just kidding.

eh, if it doesn't work out with david, you can always get a hold of the yahoo guy again....

Anonymous said...

Ya what Lyn said - there is nothing wrong with juggling a couple guys at the same time. You have the time - no kids, just work. I see no reason at all why you can't date more than one person in order to figure out which you really want to date more seriously. As long as your honest when/if they ask. Men do it ALL the time - why can't we??

Faith said...

You know you're my idol, Lyn. I wish I could date a few guys at the same time! That'd be a challenge, fo sho! :)

But I think the Yahoo guy is a bit messed up. He wrote me back, and after sleeping on it, I'm realizing that his bitterness towards women is NOT my fault, and I don't think I'd ever want to date a man like that...which is what my guilt-complex-ridden mind wants to do in order to "help" him to see that not all women are evil gold-digging pieces of shit that are simply looking for men with perfect bodies and perfect bank accounts to go out with. I don't care how cute he might be to me, I just don't want to deal with walls like that.

I'll just stick with David right now, I'm pretty sure. I'm interested in seeing how it developes.

All of Us Online said...

Lyn is right. Have them all. In reality, it will not likely work out with any of them, so you should always keep one or two for back up. Yahoo dudes are likely to be fickle with their familiarity, so for every Yahoo dude you can have at least one real person on the list of things to do. I think you should just tear that damn tag off the mattress and entertain ideas!