Wednesday, November 03, 2004

And now, back to our regular scheduled programming.

There's this new commercial for a Mercury SUV (can't remember the name of it) that cracks me up when I see it. It's the husband and wife that are constantly trying to get out of the house earlier than the other, so they can be the one to drive the Mercury SUV to know the one I'm talking about? The guy gets the car on Monday because he gets to the bathroom before his wife, and as he closes the door on her, he has this hil-ARIOUS look on his face, and makes this little "A-haa!!" noise sort of thing that makes me wet my pants. The next day, she gets it because when he goes to the bathroom to shower, she hops out of bed fully dressed, and has the jump on him that way. The next morning, she turns off the alarm, and turns over to find that he's replaced himself with a pillow and a dummy head (which is, again, fucking hilarious looking), and they show the guy pulling out of the driveway, again making a funny sound that makes me laugh all over again.

*sigh!* Can I just say how glad I am that we've come all this way from the commercials of yesteryear that drove us insane with their gimmicks, crappy acting, and stupid jingles? Of course, there are still plenty of other commercials that suck...Radio Shack needs to pull their heads OUT their asses soon, and come up with something new, and I'm grateful that the whole "1-800-c-a-l-l-a-t-t" sort of thing seems to have gone away for the most part, but we do have other things that are just as bad, I s'pose, waiting in the wings to take their places. But the commercials I post about here are the ones that make it all ok for me, I think. The Burger Kings, and the Starbucks, and a couple of the clever car commercials. They make me happy.

On a totally different note, here's a new rule for my blog: I have the right to delete any crappy, stupid, and totally OFF-BASE comment that I want, especially when made by someone who is anonymous and doesn't sign their comment with at least a name, if not a blog page/website address or e-mail address. Because it's my blog. And the point to it, in a lot of ways, is to make people laugh and to enjoy coming here to read. So if you don't like something I've said, be prepared to identify yourself, or move right along to the next blog. Because I WILL delete your comment. (And if anyone posts comments to the stupid, obviously freaky anonymous comment-posters, i.e. the Twin, I'll probably delete your comments too. Those folks need to be ignored, not enouraged. So if you're totally tempted to write them back prior to me being able to delete them (I don't have my computer on 24/7, so stupid anonymous posters might be up for a bit before I catch them), send me an e-mail instead.) I'm just tired of the bullshit. And it's been a relatively small amount of bullshit, too. So don't push it. Just don't read my blog if you don't like what I have to say, ok? Ok.


FaithsTwin said...


BUT you need to write me or call me as soon as you get an open chance to let me know what I missed.

Sorry if I helped cause any trouble.

Faith said...

You didn't cause any trouble. My point was just to say that if people comment back to the anonymous assholes, then I have to delete their comment, too. Otherwise, it won't make much sense, dig? I LIKED what you said to anonymous assholes yesterday. That was fine. I just don't want to entertain them anymore, and I simply don't understand why, if they don't like what I'm saying, they don't just mosey on their way to another blog that they actually agree with. Maybe I'm the only idiot that reads blogs for *fun*? I don't know.

But you didn't do anything wrong. I just wanted to warn that if you reply to them in the future, then I'm going to have to delete your comment too. Or else it'll look like an incomplete sentence just hanging out there. And the thought of that drives me mad. :P

FaithsTwin said...

Okelie dokelie.

Taking break from putting out small fires. I LOVE that commercial too, btw. CRACKS me up the guy gets in it in his underwear and all that.

Mindless tv nights are to be celebrated, as well. WOOHOO for Lost, Bachelor and what looks like will be good Wife Swap. :)

Faith said...

Yay Wednesday night t.v.!! Jack stuck in a cave-in on Lost! The bachelorettes looking dumber than ever on The Bachelor! And Wife Swap! No need for any intro there...the people do themselves in all by their lonesome once the show begins. Damn I love that shit!

Anonymous said...

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