Monday, November 22, 2004

And then there was one.

Well, the old admin for the new boss stepped off, finally. She told him that she felt like she was just a lackey, and that she didn't want to wait around for a decision to be made. When he told me this, he actually said out loud that he wasn't sure what decision she was referring to, but that she might have thought that she was going to be taking over my position from where she's located. Which he then followed up with by saying that she always knew that he wouldn't be able to have an admin from another city, so he didn't know why she might've thought that. Anyway, she's done. I shall immediately take over my old role of doing everything for the boss. Including travel arrangements, expense reporting, etc, etc...I get to do more than I used to for my old boss, too. I can approve things for the new boss in the AP system and in our HR system. (Of course I'll let him know whenever a red flag pops up...I'm really very strict with my flag-radar, so the managers might be a bit irritated with that for now! Heh...) I'm excited to get rolling on setting myself up appropriately.

Here's the weird our meeting, he mentioned that he was waiting for 3 expense reports to be approved/processed by our payroll department. He said that the old admin was looking into it, so I didn't have to worry about it. Being the over-curious and helpful buggar that I am, I looked into it anyway. And he hasn't had an expense entered under his name since September, and it was paid to him at the end of that month. So I just stuck my head in his office to tell him that, and he was all, "Since September? Are you sure?" I told him I was looking under his employee number, and I can't imagine where else the info would be if those reports had been entered. I'd love to hear what happened to them. He said it's something like $7,000 worth of expenses that are outstanding. Yikes!

So, I just thought I'd update you all. Hopefully, the stress that happens from now on will just be the good kind that actually makes me so tired, I sleep heavily and happily through the entire night. Eeeeeee!!! :)


FaithsTwin said...

Good deal! *doing happy dance for twin*

Now read my email and tell me what you think of my situation. I mean, when you get the chance. Maybe my mojo is supposed to get f'ed up now that yours is in the clear?

Mark said...

*Does happy dance with Twin* =D

It's nice that she is finally stepped up and released the control that she was trying to retain. Very nice of your boss to let you know the details of the conversation that were secretly bugging you. Depending on management style, he may not have had any conversation with you about this. I think this speaks quite a bit for his management style, at least on his people skills. And he may be trying to build trust with you as well. He may be a great guy to work for, which is why she wanted to inject herself into your role.

Or it could have been just a plain power-trip on her part...

Who knows, who cares? I'm just happy that you sound very happy. =)

Hope you enjoyed the Chief's game, even though they lost... I know I'm writing this up with 2:30 left in the game, but it is obvious that they will loose. *sigh*