Friday, November 26, 2004

Friday is NOT a holiday. Well, not for about 20 of us, anyway...

Today isn't counted as a holiday at my company. Yes, you should feel bad for me having to be at work while you're all probably lolling about doing nothing all day long after a good morning of sleeping the fuck in. Fuckers.

Really, it isn't that bad. I think there are a total of about 15 people in my building today, and none of them are on my floor. Which means I have a private bathroom all to myself today. :)

I brought "Sabrina" (Audrey Hepburn version...) and "Bringing Up Baby" to work with me to watch at some point during the day. I also brought the book I'm currently reading ("The Mill on the Floss" by George Eliot), so I can relax with that a bit, too. I have a little work to do, but not much, and since most of the 30,000 employees that work at this company actually have the vacation day to burn so they could stay home today, there's really no one to do what I need to have done at the corporate level, and no one is in the branches that might need too much assistance today. It's almost 9 a.m., I've been here for an hour, and the phone hasn't rung once. I think I might actually tally the number of calls today, just for fun. I'm going to go ahead and call it right now: I expect to receive no more than 5 phone calls. One of those will be from the Twin. (Well, it had better be, anyway...) At least one will be a telemarketing recording thing, one will be a wrong number, and the other 2 are freebies.

My Thanksgiving was uneventful, for the most part. Wednesday, I was stuck at home due to the snow, but the end of the day worked out just fine road-wise, so I was able to make it to the supermarket to buy some food and stuff, and my friend was able to come over that night to cook our contribution to the Thanksgiving potluck that we were going to be attending on Thursday. After we were done cooking, we went to a party at her friend Joe's house (which was a very cool house in a very cute neighborhood, btw). She didn't know anyone there except for Joe and the guy that lived next door to him (Pete...I've met him once before at the little bar I go to, so I know him as well, sort of - and he's a cool guy. Older, and married, but cool all the same...), so she took 4 shots as soon as we arrived. (That's right...4 shots were had by this woman in the span of maybe 10 or 15 minutes, if that...she's insane.) She then proceded to plop down on the couch next to me, at which point I noticed she was already pretty loopy. She told me she'd had the 4 shots, and I was all dude...that's crazy. Then she said she wanted to go home because she didn't know anybody there. I told her that's the point of a party, though! To meet new people. Helloooo! I'm kind of a social butterfly like that, though. It's easy for me to jump into a conversation, or to start one up, or something, and to meet people that way. I went over to the bar area to have a cigarette, and wound up talking to a couple of very nice girls who apparently grew up in the same (very) small town as each other and went to high school together (although they were a year apart), and they wound up reminiscing a good amount of the time about people they know now, and people they knew then, etc, etc...They were really nice, though, and I was able to talk about my experience growing up in a small town a bit, too. Then the one left, and the other one was still hanging out around me, and all. When I met her, she was relatively sober. After a couple more hours, though, she was not. It was funny. :)

My friend left pretty soon after we'd arrived (we got there at about 10:15-ish, and I'd say she'd left by 11:30), and so I was left to make more new friends and to chat and dance and drink. It was a really fun time. I met this guy named Ed. We chatted just about all night. When I was leaving (at about 2:40-ish, I think it was...), he said he hoped to see me at the Moose sometime. I told him absolutely. Not very flirty of me, when I think back on it. I should have said something like, "I hope so!", or whatever. But nope. I wanted him to ask for my number, but he didn't. *sigh!* was a fun time.

Thursday we went back to Joe's for a bloody mary contest (between my bartender friend and Joe...Joe won, because his bloody mary's were more tolerable to me to drink. They were yummy, in fact. My bartender friend made hers with Absolut Peppar, which was WAYYYY too peppery for me. I don't like pepper-flavored shit, usually...I like my spice from other sources), and then we went to the little bar for Thanksgiving festivities. I had a few beers, and we ate turkey and potatoes and rolls and pasta salad (yes, I don't need to eat another carbohydrate for about 30 years, thanks to yesterday...), and everyone loved my brownies. It was a nice day. Oh, until the old drunk man that was wearing overalls called me stupid and ignorant because I couldn't wrap my mind around the idea that Russia has 16 time zones, according to him. Actually, I was fine with the idea of that. I thought it was an unusual fact, and I can't exactly remember what it was that got us on that topic in the first place, but he kept going on and on about it (did I mention he was drunk? Oh, and he had stepped outside to have a joint at one point as, and then he approached me after I'd thought the conversation about time zones was long over with, and he says, "Look, you have the earth, right? And what's up here (motioning with his hand toward the top of what would be the earth's globe)? And then down here (again motioning with his hand, this time at what would be the bottom of the earth's globe)?" And I have no clue what the fuck this old man is referring to, so I told him I didn't understand his question, and he starts saying that's because I'm a stupid girl. "You're just a stupid girl, is all. You're not very smart, are you?" And I kind of laughed, and the other guys around me are looking at this old man like they want to smack him, but they know he's an old and very drunk man, so they let it be, and I said, "Well, I graduated from college, own a BMW and my own home, and have held a job for 3 years now, so if I'm stupid, I'm unaware of it," and I just kept laughing at him. He kind of kept going about it, but I then began to ignore him, and turned my back to him, and pretty soon he paid up and left. It was very weird. I really can't imagine what would make someone like that just start verbally assaulting someone that didn't do anything to them at all. And I could have shot back with an assault of my own (did I mention how very drunk he was, that he was wearing overalls, and had slipped out to have a goddammed joint on the back-side of the bar? Yeah...I'm sure his brilliance would blind me, if I weren't such an idiot myself...), but I refrained, and went back to drinking my beer and watching football. Crazy people can pop up in the funkiest places and times.

Then I went home, where I had left my cell phone all day long accidentally, and I saw that the Twin had called. So I called back, but my dad was on the other line with my other sister in Texas, so he asked if they could call me back. I said sure! And they never did. You know, I love my dad, I really do. But he can be a real asshole sometimes. How do you forget to call your daughter back on a freaking holiday? Ok...tearing up to think about it, so I'd better stop now.

So I went to bed feeling pretty much like crap last night. But I knew I had to get up today and come into the office to do nothing at all for the whole day, and I was pretty tired, so I cried myself to sleep at about 10:30-ish, and woke up feeling a bit better about myself, I s'pose. I mean, at least I know that I'm not a stupid girl, even if everyone at the dive bar I spent Thanksgiving at thought I was. They also think I have great boobs, which I do. And that's all that matters. :)

Hope y'all had a great Thanksgiving.


lyn said...

dude, drunk old guys suck.

lyn said...

oh, and i am at work too. why waste a vacation day? i went shopping and here i am.

Faith said...

I guess if one has a vaca day to waste, they might use it. But it seems to me that most companies just count today as a holiday along with the Thanksgiving day off. Our company switched it a few years ago when they decided to give us Martin Luther King Jr's b-day off instead. Why we can't get BOTH days as holidays is beyond me. The people that are in charge confuse me a lot of the time.

And the phone has rang a total of 9 times today. Th e Twin did call (she was #1), I did get 1 telemarketing recording, and the rest were all miscellaneous. No hang up calls, which was weird, but whatever. I'm glad the day is almost over, so I can go pick up some Blockbuster and some Chinese food, and call it a night while I lounge in my pj's. Mmmm...Chinese food and pj's. I love my life! :)

Have a good weekend, sista!

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