Friday, November 19, 2004

I appear to be seriously least in my estimation.

Ok, so the UTI seems to have moved on, but it's left behind some other icky discomfort. Mostly some nasty bloating, and a weird pain in my right lower back that Advil has no effect on, apparently. I'm also very grumpy. So I'll be glad to go to the doctor today, and see if there's anything that can be done.

That's all I have the energy and oomph to write for now. I'll update later maybe...sorry I've been such a loser lately.


FaithsTwin said...

TGIF, eh?

'Everything is wrong with me' is cracking me up. I feel sorry for him, then I wonder how someone can live that way and so I get a bit peeved at how lackidazical (I *know* I spelled that wrong. However, spelled correctly or not, it still says what I mean) he is. Then I wonder if he would be the type of guy I would date, but then I read his habits and think, "OMG No WAY would I date someone like that!"

So I end up just laughing.

Faith said...

Dude, are you just now starting to catch up with his stuff? Because I touted his hilarity a while ago, and would highly suggest, if you haven't already, checking out his archives. Because he writes the funniest shit I've ever read. Ever.

I worry sometimes about the fact that his shit cracks me up as much as it does. I mean, he's SUCH an asshole, and it really might be quite scary to know him for real...but the stuff he talks about cracks. me. UP!

Anyway, gotta pee now...big shock, eh? Grrr...

Mark said...

Sad thing about UTI is that it can creep up and affect the bladder. I hope it is just something like a sore that need healing. I've had serious pain in my lower right back - ended up being a kidney stone. UCK! Most!!! Pain!!! Ever!!! I know someone's wife that had one and she said it was worse than childbirth.

Ok, I may have to go check out the lackadaisical guy to see what is so funny. (yes - I looked it up - was bugging me - love

I stumbled across a site that girls help out guys that don't have gal pals (or girls they are comfortable asking) with girl questions. Some pretty solid advice, but I have to seriously question whether all the girls are as hot as they show (or if they are even girls) in their pictures... It's kind of like a popularity contest with the girls too.

I bring this up, because they got into the whole "guy being an ass toward girls" because someone brought it up. As one put it, nice guys can come across as being pushovers or more wishy-washy than Kerry (I'm ad-libbing a little). Another put it that they tend to be more on the edge and thus, exciting. They recommend that nice guys get some backbone, but try not to become an ass. Having a nice one on the other hand...

Hope you ladies have a wonderful weekend!!! Been great blogging with you this week! =) Funny and spunky, even when in extreme pain. I really admire you and how you both feed good vibes to the other. =)

That reminds me that I wrote up something last night, but my browser busted on me so I never got to post it.

Faith, I think your boss really should give you some serious kudos for going to work yesterday when feeling as bad as you do. I'd have to tell him, "Keep the Faith!!!" =)

FaithsTwin said...

Hey Mark, thanks and all that for what you said about my Twin and I. Funny you should bring up the kidney infection- I told her exactly that yesterday. I looked up the stones, too. But the symptoms didn't seem to match, outside of the pain she was feeling.

In any case, interesting suggestion on the site for women. Why do you go there? Need to read up on how the chicks think or something?

Twin, I noticed Everything dude is funny, talented and yes, in general, sounds like he'd be a bit of an ass. I just don't know how one functions in life when almost every waking moment is spent drunk or on drugs or both. Crazy! I didn't start going to his site until you mentioned the bit about him possibly losing his job. *shrug* Now I visit daily.

Mark said...

LOL FaithsTwin. =D Yes - I am curious about what women think. Besides, who knows girls better than girls, eh? Though there is still quite a variety out there, and thus a variety of answers. But there generally is a theme to a subject. What else can I say? I really like girls. Wonder if there is a site dedicated to girls wanting to know what guys think for y'all? ;)

Oh, wait, guys are simple. It's the girls that make us much more complicated than we are. :P

lyn said...

who is this mark guy that is commenting? he's funny.

hope you feel better, drink some cocktails with cranberry juice this will help with the UTI.

have a great weekend.

p.s. why aren't you pinging????

Faith said...

Am I not pinging? I wasn't aware. Hm...I'll have to go check and see if everything is ok.

Unfortunately, cocktails are out of the question. I got antibiotics from the doc today, so I have to remain dry until next Tuesday. Why is that, anyway? Why can't a person drink while taking antibiotics? It's a stupid rule. But then again, being attacked by a UTI is stupid too. I think I'd rather be sure of getting rid of the UTI than to risk it because I didn't have any self-control in the drinking department. Oh'll be a cheaper weekend for me just having water and diet coke at the bar, that's for sure!

Ok...going back to lying on the couch now. You have a great weekend, too!

lyn said...

fuck that, i always drink when i am on antibiotics. but only stuff with cranberry juice.

yes, i am a borderline alcoholic. sue me.