Friday, November 12, 2004

I don't miss my Friends at all...

Thank goodness for re-runs. I am a Friends junkie. An addict, if you will. Go ahead...ask me anything. I dare you to try to stump me. Dammit, I know it all when it comes to that show, and I'm not embarrassed to make such an arrogant statement. Mwahahahahahaha!!

Ok, anyway, last night, one of the TBS re-runs was my all-time favorite episode. The One Where Emma Turns 1. (That's probably not the official name of the show, by the way, but it should be...) First of all, not everything about the show is funny. Of course. Because it was in the final season, and the final season had lost a lot of the oomph the earlier seasons had going for them. But there are so many hilarious elements to this episode that it adds up to being my fave. Here are some reasons why:

Ross and Rachel would like for everyone to record a birthday message for Emma for when she turns 18, so they can watch them at her 18th birthday when it comes along. Aww...great idea! Except here's a couple of run-downs on what happens with that: Judy and Jack start talking about how they probably won't even be around when Emma turns 18. They get all morbid, and still manage to look perfectly happy about it. And then by the time Ross tries to record Monica and Chandler's message, Chandler says, with a totally straight face and non-chalante voice, that he and Monica used to be married, but then they weren't able to spend a romantic weekend together because they were stuck at her (meaning Emma's) first birthday party, and everything sort of went downhill from there. Because of her. Ross shuts off the camera and walks away, of course. All Ross-like. Heh.

At one point, Rachel tells Ross to get a shot of the cake. Rachel explains to Phoebe that she got it at this wonderful bakery in Jersey...they do amazing things with frosting, and apparently can take images, like photos, and put them onto the cake for you. So she got one in the shape of a bunny, and had Emma's pitcure put on the cake. Ross gets it out of the fridge, and asks Rachel if the bakery she got the cake at does erotic cakes as well. Because this one isn't a bunny...rather it's in the shape of a penis. Rachel freaks and says, "My baby's face is on a penis?" Or something like that, and then Joey wants to know if there's something wrong with him because the cake still looks delicious, even though it's in the shape it's in. The comedic timing was fantastic in this episode, which made it all the more enjoyable. And, I'm sorry, but the thought of a photo of a baby superimposed onto a cake in the shape of a penis? It's just so wrong on so many levels, and has me on the floor laughing every time I see the episode.

So, Rachel needs to exchange the cake, of course, and while she's gone, everyone decides they really need to leave. Ross won't let them. Rachel gets pulled over, and doesn't have her license, so Ross needs to take it to her, and he leaves Joey in charge of making sure no one leaves. Jack and Judy manage to get out first. But after that, Joey says that no one else will be able to get away. Then he gets a call from his agent (the beautiful and always fabulous Estelle...) who tells him about an audition that he needs to go to. But everyone protests him being able to leave. Phoebe has a massage client waiting for her, and Monica and Chandler still want to leave for their romantic getaway in Vermont. So they come up with a way to decide who gets to leave first. Pick a number? No...Draw straws? No...Ooh! Race the wind-up toys that Emma had received for her birthday! Brilliant.

Ok, what ensues is one of the funniest 2 minutes of sitcom history I have ever seen. They run over to the table to pick their contestants. Phoebe wants the dolphin, she says. Monica corrects her and says, "Phoebe, that's a bear." Phoebe says, "I don't care! I'm so excited!!" with this classic look on her face, and again, the timing is impeccable. Monica then gives Joey the robot, and Monica and Chandler get the puppy.

They wind up their toys, and set them down to get going. All three are yelling at their toys to win, Phoebe's is going in a pretty crooked line, but then they (meaning the show's cameras) focus on the puppy that Monica chose, which is standing still and barking, and then it walks a little, and then it sits down to bark a bit more, at which point she yells, "What are you barking at?!!!" Which the puppy responds to by doing a little flip that makes Monica jump back a little, and pisses her off even more. In the mean time, the robot and the bear have kicked some ass across the finish line, and Joey and Phoebe are celebrating. Monica gets freaky, and starts to comment about how the rules clearly stated that whomever finished last didn't get to leave, but since not all the toys crossed the finish line, the race wasn't over yet, but her argument makes no sense, and it doesn't matter because Phoebe and Joey have left anyway.

It's that little toy race that gets me every time. Well, and the penis cake. But the toy thing is so fucking hilarious...and it's only about 2 minutes long, dammit. Pure comic genius. I wish I had friends that I could have wind-up toy races with. Maybe I'll take some to the Blue Moose with me tomorrow. Because Lord knows that a bunch of drunk grown ups can have one hell of a time with such shenanegans. Hmm. It really isn't a half-bad idea...

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