Tuesday, November 02, 2004

I just got my vote on...

Man, I am excited to see how things turn out. Especially with all those judges I just voted to keep in their current positions. I'm on pins and needles!

The Johnson County, KS ballot was the easiest one I've ever seen. Voted for Pres, then a Senator, and a Congressman, and then all the fifty thousand judges that want to stay put (who am I to decide? Sure they can stay where they are...they ain't hurtin' me none), and then our Question 1 which had to do with a multi-county tax they want to put into place in order to update a couple of stadiums, etc...it's a quarter of a cent addition to the current sales tax. I'm ok with that. I've been to our stadiums, and I think they could use some updating fo sho.

They have these nifty electronic touch-screen voting booth dealios at my poll, too, so that was fun to use. I just wish it would make some sort of video game noise while I vote, so as to make the embience a bit more exhilerating. That place was like death warmed over. And with the ease of choices we had, it really didn't need to be that quiet. So having a little explosion sound or a Pac Man-like "wa-wa" noise as I chose my judges would've been fun, IMO. But I can see how 180 year old granny who checked me in might've been annoyed by such an addition to the voting scene. Shit, she's the one who's had to sit there all day, right? Whatev.

So it's done. And now, all I have to do is to watch and see what happens tonight. And to hope for the best. Because that Kerry guy? Yeah, he freaks me out.


FaithsTwin said...

Bush'll win.

I had a bit more to vote for- city council, school district stuff, and props. Ohhh the many many props for california.

In any case, I did have one issue at my polling place when I was voting- some guy apparently was wearing a t-shirt with his political affiliation on it. The chick goes, "Sir, you need to cover your t-shirt up or turn it inside out."

"Oh, really?" *audible confusion from said moron who WASN'T aware you aren't supposed to do something like that- duh*
"Is there a bathroom I can go into?"

I kinda half expected to hear him take it off right then and there. I was surprised he had the sense to NOT take his shirt off in the crowd of people he was in.

I didn't look to see what his shirt said. I really didn't give a shit, but I thought it was funny someone did that.

Next time, for fucks sake, I think it'd be funny to put a bumper sticker on my ass JUST so someone has to say, "Ummm, you're going to have to cover your ass up, dearie."


Anonymous said...

Kerry might freak you out, but that Bush guy? He's gonna get us all killed. US all. Them? They'll get rich off everybody's blood. Fuckin' neo-cons.

if Bush wins, the only only good thing that will come of it is... i'll be able to say "I told you so!" when Bush fucks us all over.

FaithsTwin said...

I've read where quite a few people have this "Bush will get us killed" attitude.

I don't know where this has sprung up from- and I find it an odd idea.

Fear is bred from lack of knowledge. Learn about what the President (any one of them, NOT just whom we are voting for today) is responsible for, and see how many people are involved in the decisions made, ideas formed, and projects created and voted on.

Stop blaming, people. No matter who goes into office, the country will go on, we will remain Americans strong and confident, and if you want to blame someone for something, blame yourself for not learning.

Faith said...

Well said, Twin.

I'm confused by Anon's use of the words "us" and "them", though. And this is the first I've heard of this whole "we're all going to diiiiiiieeeeee!!!" type of talk. Creepy. It would suck to live like that.

Look, no matter who wins, as the Twin says, things will go on as they have. We'll keep working on the economy, we'll keep trying to promote the safety of our country, and we'll keep trying to figure out what to do with this war thing. (Do people think that if Kerry wins, the campaign in Iraq will suddenly close-up shop on 1/1/05, and everybody there will be loaded up and sent home in one fail swoop? I didn't realize Kerry was a magician. Can he walk through the Great Wall of China like Copperfield did that one time? That'd be cool to see again.) I will not be any less proud of an American if Kerry wins (which, it's looking like won't happen, incidentally. But it's early.), and I won't feel any less safe or unhappy or any of that shit. Things just continue on as they always have. They did when Carter was when office, or so I've heard. And they would if Kerry made it, too.

Anyway, I could give a shit about politics. This blog is the furthest thing from political you'll find online. I was writing about my life-experience today at the polls, and how I wished that things would have been more jazzy while I was there. But if Anon thinks "we" are all going to die if Bush is re-elected, then whatev. I think we're all going to be just fine. So there. :P

FaithsTwin said...

You're the second person this week I've seen use the "one fail swoop" synopsis instead of what it actually is- "one FELL swoop."

In any case, it's hard to explain to people how I feel about the election. Sure, I want the candidates and the initiatives I voted for or against to come out how I voted for them. If they don't, however, no biggie, ya know? Have a good day Anonymous! Looks like Bush is gonna level you in some weird way that you have created in your head...

Anonymous said...

Ignorance is bliss, twins!
Hi Anonymous!

Faith said...

Yes, it must be nice going around ANONYMOUSLY calling people ignorant.

But whatever. I thought it would be funny for people to think of having video game sounds happening as they voted, as improbable as that scenario is, and which was the ENTIRE point of my post!

And as far as the ignorance thing goes, who the FUCK are you to call me ignorant? You don't know who I am, what I do, or what my family is like. I mention one little thing about Kerry being creepy (um, because he is. It's like he's a blueish-gray color, and his face is Frankensteinish to me...it's an *OPINION*, folks), and suddenly one freak who won't ID themselves starts spouting shit about how we're all gonna die now that Bush has won, and another one calls my Twin and I ignorant and says hello to the other freak? WTF? You all must be regular readers, too, because I can't imagine why else you'd be here to read today. So, do me a favor, and stop reading my blog, m-kay? Because I don't need shitheads like that coming in and ruining the fun I'm trying to have. Assholes.

Anonymous said...

that first anon commenter? that was me.

my fear is not bred from ignorance; it's from knowledge. bush has the worst foreign policy ever. his policies breed more terrorists. we've lost a lot of allies... bush (and a lot of the country) doesn't think we need allies, but we do. like, hello, if you want to go terrorist hunting in other countries, you'd better have a good rapport with them.

you tell us to stop blaming, how about someone in the bush administration STEPPING UP AND ADMITTING A MISTAKE? gawd fucking forbid. but no, this administration has done nothing wrong. i don't see why they can't, seeing's how there's NO accountability for anything. 911? clinton's fault. the economy? inherited from clinton. bush's administration is the epitome of "Everything is wine and roses, and the stuff that isn't, well... that's someone else's fault."

name one, ONE good thing that bush has done. protected us from terrorists? 911. and back in 2001, it was just the terrorists that hated us... now, there are more terrorists, and we have fewer and fewer allies. improved the economy? still in the tank. created jobs? sure, he creates jobs... but loses more jobs than he creates, and the higher-paying jobs are the ones being outsourced. the environment? we all know it's gonna be fucked.

the bush administration does NOT act in the interests of the people of the US. they act in their OWN best interest. and they've done a good job of convincing voters "oh yeah, you're with us. we'll take care of you. screw everybody else," but in reality, it's all a game, and most of those voters (read: the ones who aren't super super rich) will end up being screwed.

so go ahead. cheer the tax cuts for the rich. cheer policies that value big business over the individual. cheer the raping of the environment. and last but not least, cheer the misguided war that's putting money in the pockets of the warmakers. rah.

and sorry for not leaving my name earlier. perhaps i was being a bit egotistical in thinking that you'd know it was me.

Faith said...

It wasn't egotistcial for you to think I would know who you were. I just didn't know that you felt as you do about this stuff, and that my comment about Kerry being a freak would bring it out of you. And, no, I had no idea it was you. Sorry!

Glad you stepped up, man. And I'm sorry you feel the way you do about the Bush admin. I haven't noticed so much of the pretense of the "there's nothing wrong, and if there is, we didn't do it" attitude that lots of Kerry supporters/Bush non-supporters did. But that's also because I don't look that hard, admittedly. I'm not interested in politics. And I think politicians are all a bunch of people with ego issues, but that's another post. (Which will never be posted, because that's not the point of this blog, dammit.)

My point to my post yesterday was that the polls I went to were quiet, the new electronic thingy was cool to vote on, and it seemed like it'd be fun to have the video game noises added. And it's not news that some people in this world (even Kerry supporters, I would imagine) see Kerry as being a bit freaky. (I've heard lots of the "lesser of two evils" talk during the past year, and IMO, that would be Bush. In other peoples' opinions, it's Kerry. Bush's side won, and now we get to go on with our lives.)

So when someone says a little teeny tiny something on their blog that shouldn't mean SHIT to anyone, and suddenly people are doing the whole "we're all gonna DIE if Bush wins!" thing, I'm gonna react to it. Because that brings this blog down, as far as I'm concerned.

But now you know - I'm Republican...I always have been Republican, and I probably always will be. Hopefully you don't think I'm some sort of idiot piece of shit because of it, because it really doesn't have much to do with who I am day to day. But that's up to you. (Plus, I personally don't think that the way a person leans politically should have anything to do with their intelligence level, or give me the ability to call them ignorant. I'm just sayin'...)

Faith said...
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Anonymous said...

well, this may surprise you, but I don't hate all republicans. i was careful to always refer to "the bush administration" rather than the republicans in general... because i don't think they're "true" republicans. they're not fiscally responsible.

and yanno what? the person who i think is by far the best person qualified to lead this country is... a republican. a die-hard republican, even. it's McCain. i don't agree with everything he says, but i believe what he says when he speaks. i know where he stands on things. and i think that the GOP really owes him one, after the way they trashed him in 2000 when he was running against bush. i mean, they trashed him as bad as they trashed kerry... and he's one of them!

anyways, i don't hate republicans. i don't vote straight democrat, either. the best person for the job - that's how i vote. i just don't think that bush is the best person for the job.

FaithsTwin said...

People, all I have to say is if you serve me crap, it does NOT make me want to eat it any faster. If you speak to me with respect, giving me opinions you have come to based on reasonable thought, lots of research (and I don't mean just listening to a news source or your friends who think the same way YOU do), and made educated decisions, I have no problem hearing you out. I have no problem discussing things with you. If you start referring to someone I find admirable and respect in derrogatory and negative ways? I lose respect for your ability to argue your point clearly. I close up a bit 'cause I don't want to hear someone go off on someone I think differently about JUST because they think they are the most hideous person alive.

In life, taking the low road rarely gets you to where you need to go.

I'm sorry if I made the assumption that your comment about Bush killing us is fear derived from lack of knowledge. Maybe you were trying to be poignant? I've heard it before and it isn't poignant to me. I do NOT see how we are going to die because of Bush. I do not subscribe to that point of view. Doesn't mean I CAN'T - I just don't see the logic the way, I suppose, some others do. Doesn't mean I can't. Just means up to this point, no one has bothered to tell me where I can read up or become educated on this intelligence the way they have.

Anonymous said...

Hi, I'm the second anonymous poster. Sorry, I don't have a blog to link to, but my name is Lauren. From St. Louis. Hope that's good enough. Found your blog the other day and I've been back a couple times because it's entertaining.
Anyhow, I've been frustrated all day that Kerry lost, and my ignorance comment was directed at the numbers of Americans out there who don't even know why they vote the way they do. I've read enough of your blog to know that does not apply to you or your sister, so I respect your views. I'm sorry I did not explain that, didn't know it would cause such a stir. (Guess that in itself was ignorant because I do know that all these nasty politics have people in a tizzy in one way or another, myself included.)
I feel the same way the first anon person does about the Bush administration, and I say "admin" as well, because my *opinion* is that Bush is merely a puppet for their own larger agenda to gain power and money. But not for our country, rather for themselves. That's one of the reasons I cannot support Bush. And I cannot put my faith in a man who cannot think for himself. John McCain is a man I could follow and believe in. Or Giuliani, or Obama. Although I have done research, I am going to choose not to explain all my thoughts here because frankly I'm lazy right now (not much sleep last night). But seeing that political discussions are not your main goal for this blog, I think you'll be okay with that. I'm just glad we can all go back to our normal lives now and be friends.

And also, as one last election-related side note, if I had voted on an electronic thing, I do agree that video game noises would have made it all the more exciting.

Anonymous said...

hah! a bush supporter who doesn't like the low road. dear, that's how the bush administration operates. that's their bread and butter. they smear smear smear kerry, to the point where a multi-decorated vietnam vet is seen as weaker as a guy who may or may not have served in the national guard. please. why can't bush run on his own record? oh yeah, because his record sucks.

and besides, your twin started it by saying that kerry freaks her out. sure, kerry isn't the most handsome guy, but to me, bush looks like a orangutan. and his intelligence seems to be right there, too.

so, me saying that the world hates us and bush will get us killed is bad. but when cheney says virtually the same thing throughout his campaign (if you vote for the wrong person, then we'll be attacked by terrorists again), and that's ok. nice double standard. but hey, that's a great tool for the neo-cons.

you want to read about how the rest of the world hates us? read the BBC news. read the news from other parts of the world. talk to people from other parts of the world. they HATE bush. and i'm sorry, you just can't fight terrorists if you don't have allies.

i speak about bush in derogatory and negative ways because i see absolutely nothing positive about the guy. and i'm still waiting for someone to tell me something he's done that's improved the country...

Faith said...

Ugh! Enough already!! I'm glad the second anon poster rang in, and was able to appreciate the humor that was intended by my post initially. (Thanks for saying hey, btw, Lauren. I hope this stuff doesn't scare you away from my blog. We should return to the normal bad-relationship, silly questions, crappy work stories any time now, I swear.)

I'm NOT a political person. I have no interest in politics, I don't study them at all, and I could give a flying shit about all this crap, really. Bush spoke at my college graduation. I looked forward to him being president one day, and that's about it.

But I was trying to be funny, folks. Silly, offhand, glib, etc...It's the norm for this blog. So let's stop it now, ok? I don't have the ability to close comments off, so please, stop posting in here about this shit. It's annoying, and it's taking away from the silly spirit of my blog, really. I'm not one to delete posts (not since the very beginning, anyway, and I regret having done that...), so I'm not deleting this shit, but I'd like for the discussion to be taken elsewhere, if possible. I had a right to respond to the attacks I was receiving, I've discussed it with the person who initiated it, and we're good. So please, just stop it, ok? If you want to discuss politics, go do it on your own blog.

Damn! All I said was that the guy freaks me out! I swear I didn't mean anything serious about it, kay? FUCK!

Mark said...

Faith, I your views and comments have seriously impressed me. WOW!!! Now I can see where you came away with your opinion of me being smart - because I definitely have the same opinion of you after reading this. Oh, and funny too!!! =)

Keep up the Faith! And her little twin too! =)