Friday, November 05, 2004

I want to be Mrs. Crapo.

While I was watching the election coverage the other night, I noticed a funky name pop up on the screen for a Senator that had been re-elected in Idaho. It was what I would consider an unfortunate last name, really. But after thinking about it a bit more, I realized how it could also be seen as being a really recognizable and helpful name in the business world. I don't know that I'd want it if I were a politician, so much, but obviously this guy feels a bit differently. Go check out Senator Crapo's web page. Seems like a nice guy, really. Just, again, a very unfortunate last name, I think. But to each his own, I s'pose.

The web page has little stories scrolling up the center of the page. Stories such as "Crapo Applauds 'Historic Vote'", and "Native American Museum on Crapo's 'Capitol Watch'". I know it's very juvenile of me, but the story titles are cracking me up!

My own headline is "Crapo Cheers PMS-ing Midwesterner". God bless you, Mike Crapo. And may you have a Crapotastic day!


FaithsTwin said...

Must be a twin thang- I, too, noticed his name float across the bottom of CNN's screen the other night. I mentioned it to the Dude who lives with me, said, "Holy cow how unfortunate of a last name, dontcha think?"

I'm glad you put the spin on it you have, though. Too true how easy it would be to remember his name- and if he seems like a swell guy, well then, alrighty!

Still creepy we do that though.

Faith said...

It is a bit creepy, especially since I was watching on ABC. Maybe it stands out because it's like our name, hm?

Anonymous said...

It's your lots notes blogger. I thought you might like this. It is referrence to your October 22nd blob "Lemme yell ya where you can put your unofficial bidness".

Faith said...

Ok, that's totally off subject, but because it's so absolutely wonderful, and helps make sense of the fact that I've seen far fewer of those ads ever since I blogged about hating the ad campaign, I love you for linking it! (How do you find shit like that, Co-worker?)

Now I have to wonder if my blogging about hating those commercials had anything to do with their shutting down of the campaign? Or was it just one of those weird psychic moments that I have without knowing it? Hm. That's so rad, regardless. I hated, hated, HATED that ad campaign, really. I might be able to eat at Wendy's again soon. :)

Anonymous said...

obviusly I can not type but you got the point. I am the LOTUS NOTE BLOGGER NOT Co-worker

Anonymous said...

LOL! A rose by any other name . . . except maybe crapo. However, it's good to know that the guy made the best of it and became a Senator. Funny stuff.