Tuesday, November 30, 2004

Life in my snowglobe...

It's snowing big, huge, beautiful flakes out right now. Fortunately, the streets are too wet for the flakes to stick. My car is not, though, and I'm sure I'm going to have to dig it out later, dammit. Oh well. It's never too bad, and it's supposed to stop relatively soon, I think. As long as the streets stay clear, I'll be fine.

I've got lots to do in preparation for heading back to Cali for the Mema funeral this week. Today is a busy day, as it's a payday/commission payout day, and it just so happens that tons of other stuff is going on as well. I'm having a very hard time getting a hold of one of the people I need to help me with something, and while I usually love working with this person, I'm getting very frustated with their sudden ability to ignore me and my 2 teeny, tiny issues I need to have corrected right now. Shit, I turned them in to her over a week ago! And she's not responding to my e-mails, and she's not responding to my voice mails, and I'm getting pissed. Because it causes me heartburn when I have issues that need to be corrected. And they haven't sat around uncorrected like this for a good long time. Irritating.

But I'll be with my family starting tomorrow through Sunday this week. Well, I fly back home on Sunday, really, so through Saturday, anyway. I got a really good deal on my flight (only $350!! Damn! Last time I flew home at the last minute for funerals, it cost me $600...so $350 is a nice price, IMO), and I'm trying to get in touch with Dickhead to see if he can help with the free parking/ride to the airport thing, but I'm afraid he might be out of town, so that might be a bust. I have a shitload of laundry to do tonight, and trash to take out, and packing to do, blah, blah, blah...there's just a lot to do, it seems. I also want to get one of those auto-timer things for my Christmas lights, so they turn themselves on and off while I'm gone. (Hell, I want them to turn themselves on and off when I'm here, even!) So I'll need to stop by K-Mart or something on my way home and look for a doohicky that does that for me. I also have to tromp over to my neighbor's house and ask them to collect the thousands of cataloges that seem to build up daily in my mailbox. (Do I really need another holiday version of Pottery Bran? Really? The first 3 I received in November weren't enough? Oh, all right then...)

I'm looking forward to spending time with my family. I haven't seen my dad and stepmom in a long-ass time, it seems, and I'll get to visit with my nieces from Texas, too. My brother's girlfriend should be showing by now, so that's neat-o. I'm just looking forward to family time.

And good sushi. DAMMIT I need some good sushi!! :)


lyn said...

glad you're able to come out here to spend time with the family. it's so important.

have a safe flight out!

FaithsTwin said...

OMG- I haven't been able to post in a couple days due to some slow-moving Internet crap going on!

Sushi is good- I told Billy (our regular sushi chef at Sake Sushi here in town) that my Twin will be in with me sometime this weekend. He rocks! He was tipsy on sake when we got there and had another 2 glasses during our dinner. He's the cutest sushi chef EVER! And he's funny...

We'll have to take a walk here at my new house when you're here if we have time. It's so peaceful and pretty. REALLY easy to walk a long way and not realize it. :)

Mark said...

Faith, I would have been neighborly and offered my services (garage the car and/or take you to the airport), but we don't really know each other - other than our blogs. And you probably don't need any extra stress in your life right now.

I wish you well on your trip, and hope that you can enjoy yourself some.

I also had huge technical difficulties responding to your blog yesterday... I think Twin knows what I speak of - from what she's said.