Thursday, November 18, 2004

No good title in mind...

Ok, the meeting went ok. The configuration of the room made it easy for me to escape and pee every 20 minutes or so, which was nice. Sometimes, I was able to go for a good 40 minutes without having to pee. Go me!

Then I went back to the office after the meeting was over. And I think my uterus, or something in that general vicinity, decided that it was having NO MORE of this day walking around with me like I was. Uh-uh!! So doubled over in pain, I took some Advil, and crawled to my car to come home and put sweats on. At this point, I have made an appointment to see a doctor...who can't see me until tomorrow at 10. I don't care, really. GET THIS THING OUTTA ME!!! I'm hoping antibiotics can be prescribed, and it'll all be over. The Advil helped with the pain I was feeling in the office, of course, so I've been catching up on e-mails, and helping people out from home for the past hour. (Doing work that would take me 10 minutes to do at the office...I really need a new computer. And there's nothing like a server to speed things up, either.) I'm really rather pissed that my stomach did what it did. But I'm glad I've been able to send out the e-mails this afternoon. I already got an answer out to someone who needed my help, and I'm hoping to have an answer back to the other person by tomorrow morning. Woo!

Ok, now to go collapse with some more peppermint tea, in hopes that things stay mellow as they are right now down in my happy place. Bye!

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