Tuesday, November 09, 2004

Prediction: it's going to suck

Ok, do billionaires just have a bit too much time on their hands lately? 'Cuz I have some ideas of what they could do with their time/money if they're really that bored, or are having a hard time figuring out what to do next in life. Go to needy countries and help feed the poor; join Habitat for Humanity, and help build a house for a family that needs it. You know...basic human respect type of stuff.

But no...these guys would rather have a reality t.v. based contest to see (a) who they can give a million dollars to, and (b) who can run a part of their company, if not the whole thing itself.

Did billionaires suddenly all go retarded?

This show (The Rebel Billionaire) just looks stupid to me. Not a big surprise, since it comes from the same network that does things like cancel brilliantly witty and entertaining shows in order to bring us drivel such as The Swan, but I can't understand why people would fall for the apparent premise and actually watch this piece of crap thinking that the best tight-rope walker is going to wind up running this shithead's company. MSNBC has a story about it today, explaining that of course the winner of the show won't be running the company. Mr. Branson and Fox Networks just want us to think that so we'll be interested in watching the show. It's the most blatant attempt I've ever seen a show do to try to lure us in. And it's complete crap.

So, I won't be watching it, I'll have you know. I'll stick to my regular Tuesday night line-up of recording Gilmore Girls while I watch "The Biggest Loser" as I walk on my treadmill (it's inspiring to me, ok? That one trainer has a body that isn't human, and it drives me to want to look like her every time I see her...), adn then I watch the recorded Gilmore Girls after I get off the treadmill, and my evening continues from there.

But here's a tip to any billionaires that are happening to drop by this blog, because you all are clearly running out of things to do: just go do something worthwhile with your cash and energy, will you? Think of people like Audrey Hepburn, and Princess Diana, and all the other famous faces that endeared themselves to the world because of the efforts they made on behalf of the tired, hungry, and poor people they reached out to. Do that instead of this reality show thing. Take along a camcorder and catch it all as it happens. Show it to your friends and family when you get home. I bet you'll feel 20 times bigger than you do after you finish recording another crappy season of your shit programs. You big jerks.


lyn said...

how did i miss that you are a gilmore girls fan? i am, too :)

and i wish all these billionaires would get over themselves. they are so media hungry...that's why they do these damn shows. egotistical bastards.

Faith said...

Oh, I'm SUCH a Gilmore Girls fan...I've been watching since it started. I love Rory, and to be Lorelai would be a dream. At least to be able to talk like them would be fabu. But I can't find anyone to have conversations like that with in my life. And I suppose part of the wit and silliness they are able to exchange does have a lot to do with what goes on in their lives in Stars Hollow/at Yale, but dammit, I love that show and wish I could be zapped into it, and just live there forever more.

lyn said...

i've only watched the last two seasons, trying to catch up on the other seasons.

i love their witty banter. and i think that lane is my long lost sister.

Anonymous said...

that trainer you're talking about? sure, she's got an incredible body... her face, on the other hand... not so good. so you can take heart in the fact that you're already prettier than her.

aw, do i have to link myself again? when are you gonna get a "real" commenting system?

bitch bitch, moan moan. i know.

Mark said...

OMG!!! I can remember the first episode of Gilmore Girls because I was on vacation at my sister's house. I love the witty banter too. It is like an hour-long comedy. It also reminds me of why I had to get out of where I grew up - everyone knowing everyone else's business. No real privacy, especially on the dating scene. My friends from back there were always saying I needed to get laid so that word would get out that I'm a stud. Uhhh... Right guys. :p

I would have to say that I associate most with Luke. Got a crush on a girl, but can't tell her I have a crush on her. My real story is much deeper than what I've posted and goes back over half a lifetime ago, but I tend to focus on current events. I did publish about my crush on my blog, if anyone cares to read my dribble...