Wednesday, November 24, 2004

Snowday! SNOWDAY!!!

Well, I'm officially snowed in. Whereas the plows usually find their way to my street relatively soon after a bog snow, today, they haven't found their way yet. I got sufficiently stuck trying to make my way into the tire-track grooves when I tried to escape to work this morning, but wound up placing my car parallel across the street in front of my house, and then it wouldn't move. Between my neighbors helping to push, and the help of a little kitty litter around the tires, I finally got enough grip to sidle my way back to my garage. It was an interesting 20 minutes. I have since experienced about 5 power surges that have interrupted my ability to do any work, and now my work website won't let me back in at all. Must be pretty mad at me for leaving the way I have the last 3 times. Whoops!

So I don't know what's going to happen today now. My bartender friend was supposed to come over tonight to cook our dishes for the potluck thingy we're going to tomorrow, and then we were going to a party at her friend Joe's house. But I'm afraid to drive my car anywhere, for fear of getting stuck again. Once I get to big streets, it's supposed to be relatively clear and just wet on the road. But it's the side streets that are a mess. And I'm smack in the middle of lots of them. I'm sure everything will be fine by tomorrow, but in the meantime, I'm interested to see what happens. I might give it a test drive around the block in a bit, and see how it goes.

For now, I'm doing the things I didn't do last night and needed to. Laundry, nails, cleaning the house a bit. Since I can't get into my work e-mail, I'm pretty fucked when it comes to doing any work, unfortunately. But I have been trying every hour or so.

Ooh! Sunshine! Yay!!!


FaithsTwin said...

Ok, did our experience at the birthday last year NOT teach you a thing or two? First- you should have driveway heat available alll year long- ESP in KS, seeing as you all can have freak storms hit and you never KNOW when you'll need a bit of that stuff!

You are so lucky your neighbors don't hate you for being the quiet chick who drives the BMW in their community.

Sounds like a quiet day for you! My co-worker bought the couch and chair- orbs and all! Actually, she says I can keep the orbs... :) So we're gonna go move them today at lunch. YAY! One more step to selling the house. It's a good thing, no?

Alrighty, so call me later if you get bored. I know around 3:30 or 4 I'll be bouncing off the walls looking for stuff to do. They gave us See's Candies for a TG treat- dammit! I'ma plannin' on taking it to Dad's for tomorrow.

Have fun with the snow. Go build a fort of something!

Faith said...

I was thinking of building a snowman, or something. But it's fuckin' COLD out there! So I decided to do housework instead. :)

The streets are finally looking a bit clearer, thank goodness. But there's no point in heading into the office now. I've gotten a lot of my work done from here today (the work website FINALLY let me in...), and have been waiting now for responses from people.

Cool deal about the couch and chair! Hope you got a good price. Since they come with their own entities, and all.

I'm going to go do my nails now. And then check work e-mails again. All I can say is thank GOD I had a liter of Diet Pepsi in the house. It's just about the ONLY thing I had! (Actually, had one more can of spaghettios, too. Had them for lunch. :) But now I'm a bit bored. And cold. It's hard keeping the temp of the house the same as I would if I wasn't here. And the fact that it's only 30 degrees out isn't helping. Brrrr!!

FaithsTwin said...

Ahhh, happy to hear the roads are clearing up. Can't imagine what it would be like for your happy friend who likes to do shots to drive in her condition under less than reasonable road conditions.

I just realized I have a ton more lunch time- good time to deposit my paycheck! baaaaa

Mark said...

=D Glad to hear you're ok, Faith. Although, I would have thought you would have tossed in the towel just looking outside. It was NASTY!!! Seriously! All you have to do is read what happened to me to know it's not nice out there. Of course, I don't expect you to fire up your PC first thing in the morning to see if anyone left you anything about how nasty it is out there...

First time I've let the snow get the better of me. As far as the power blinking, I have a notebook and power back-up for my home network/internet. I learned long ago that it is invaluable. I live on a snow-route, so it is real easy getting out because it is one of the first side-roads to get plowed. What can I say, I love where I live! A lot of new stuff is going in less than 2 miles from me. Once they get a Smokehouse (best BBQ restaurant IMO) built in Zona Rosa, I don't think I will ever move! I know one can't live on BBQ alone, but I sure will try!!! =D

Have fun!!! Try not to go too stir-crazy!!! =D