Wednesday, November 17, 2004

Time for this day to END!

Ok, so dinner went smoothly. I sat at the other end of the table from the old admin, so I was able to have a really good time talking to the managers and all. Yay! Now I'm hoping to get through tomorrow with minimal impact...should just be a long day of chatting about numbers and policies and changes, blah, blah, blah. I hope I can stay awake! The new boss wants me to sit at the front of the room with him. (Really, though, the info is interesting to me, for the most part, so it should be fine.)

My UTI is taking control of my nether regions. I am NOT HAPPY. When I pee, everything is normal for a bit, and then towards the end of the process, the pain sets in...and it's so bad sometimes, it makes me feel like throwing up. That's not good, right? The medicine was working fine this morning, but it's doing nothing much to help at this point. I might have to hit the doctor on Friday. Dammit. But I'm hoping that sleep will help, and maybe I'll wake up in the morning all happy and refreshed. Because having to get up to pee every 20 minutes during a meeting when the New Boss has asked you to sit at the front of the room with him? Yeah, that'd be real impressive, I'd imagine. I'll just have to tell him in the morning if it's still effecting me as badly as it is right now. Fucking stoopid UTI's. Why does this shit have to happen to me at just the worst times, hm?

So, off to bed I go. I won't be blogging at all tomorrow...maybe in the afternoon. The meeting is scheduled to end before the work day is over, so we'll see if that works out. Hope you all are UTI free! If not, I'm soooo sorry. Really. Because, bleh.

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FaithsTwin said...

awww- sorry you're still having a problem with that! Maybe you should've driven out of your way for that stuff.

Maison Pants has given up on the Bachelor reviews. *sigh* It was bound to happen, but I am sad. ESP since I watched that pathetic "Women tell all" crap last night. FOR NOTHING!!