Tuesday, November 16, 2004

Update, for now...

Had a meeting with the New Boss this morning...it was productive (prep for the meeting on Thursday), and informative. I like it when we can just talk numbers. Everything seems ok with him when we just talk numbers. *sigh!* If I can somehow help him to realize that the admin he's been so buddy-buddy with for the past 2 years, or whatever, is actually incompetent to a certain degree, then my life will switch over to normal. But he's blinded by confusion and overwhelming amounts of info/responsibility right now. So I have to trudge along and just deal with it until he settles in a bit more. Gah!!

I went to the Moose last night after work and hung out with the usual folks I see on the weekends. Before Dave left, he made the effort of giving my shoulders a little squeeze, which was nice. I then turned and said, "Hey, you still have my numbers, right?" Everyone around us heard me. Shit, people on the other side of the restaurant could probably hear me...I've got a booming voice like that sometimes. He nodded, and then we said goodbye. I felt like such a loser after that. The other Dave made some comment about it, and that's when I knew it was the wrong thing to do. Why can't I have better judgement in those areas? Oh well...I called him later and left him a message apologizing for my tactless comment. I could be overthinking things, too. He probably didn't care at all that I said it. See, this is where I have my issues...I'm fine with the flirting, and I'm good at the physical stuff...but the follow-through on being cool is where I lose all ability, it seems. Why can't I just chill the fuck out??? Grr...

Anyway, I stuck around and chatted with my new bartender friend while she cleaned up, and then she waited for her dinner to be brought out to her (she was taking it to the other bar she usually hangs out at on Mondays after work...). We talked about men (she and the other girl I hang out with on Saturdays/Sundays know about me and Dave...the other guys do not, I don't think), and what we're going to be doing on Thanksgiving (we're going to a party the night before, and then spending the entire day at the little bar we go to on Sundays, and then going to the Moose when they open at 6, I think...), and she bought me a beer. She's really a cool girl. I'm glad I met her. I'm really glad I've met all the new friends I have...they're very nice people, and it's fun to be getting to know a new group like this. Except that I find that talking to the girls distracts me a bit from the game on Sundays...this past week, I looked up and cheered loudly after watching a good run. Turned out the other team had the ball. Whoops! Dave gave me an odd look from across the table. I just went back to chatting with the girls. The day was lost to it, so why not just give up, I figured?

So that's what's up with me today. Lots of work to do, but it's mindless crap, really. Only one challenging (sort of) org chart the New Boss wants me to create, but the rest of the stuff is all just making copies either here or at Kinko's (in color...). It's just busy-work, really. So hopefully everyone reading this has more important things to do than I do...and hopefully you all have a great fucking time doing it! :P Go forth...have a productive Tuesday.


FaithsTwin said...

Yes- productive. Our numbers are WAAAYYYYY down. Sad, really. But I got my raise, and that's what matters. =p

The house recorded at 8- but I haven't heard yet when I will be handed the keys. Cross your fingers the people don't go nutty on us and decide they want the money AND the house. I'm sure they won't, but they've been so off during this whole transaction. In any case, if I get the keys this afternoon, we are going to start moving in tonight. woohoo!

So, as unproductive as work is, I will go and troll Amazon for toys and stuff for kiddos from Papa and the wife.

Glad the New Boss seems to be in a good corner for now!

Also happy you've found friends ... in a bar ... where you are now starting your week.

eh, who am I to talk? Back with my ex and seeing orbs and all.

lyn said...

nothing wrong with starting the week off in a bar. and as far as you needing to chill...agreed. remember the last point of the tao of steve....retreat. makes them come back for more. i promise.

Faith said...

Yes...it's retreat time. I did that over the past 3 weeks, and it seemed to have pulled him back in. So I'll do it again. Good call, Lyn.

And this is a special week with regards to the whole "starting out in a bar" thing. I've been making an effort to avoid drinking during the week. My ass is big enough without lots of alcohol calories kicking in to help out. Plus, money-wise, I don't have it to spend on alcohol every night. But this week sucks...so it was necessary. Dammit. :P

FaithsTwin said...

No need to justify being in a bar on a monday to me. I gotcha. I bet if I had one close to me worth going to, I'd be there, too. However, I live in "The OC". Apparently unless you are between 14 and 19, there isn't any fun to be had.

Anonymous said...

Hey it's Cdub here. If I did not have to be a responsible mother I'd be at the bars with you. As far as the comment goes....most of us have been there, shit happens. I am sure it was not as bad as it seems. Unfortunately we have to play the "hard to get" and "I really don't care" games. Hard I know, but necessary.

Mark said...


Mark said...

Ok, I'm ready to expound upon that last comment. It was a lot of information for me to digest. Even though I know about the "hard to get" part, I'm not sure I knew about the "don't care for games" part, because I don't care for games. But in my experience, it also seems that those are a integral part of getting to know someone. At least if you are not willing to jump in bed right away and boink for the fun of it.

Where I had a lot to digest is that I was thinking about past and current girls that I like and how they act(ed) toward me.

My view of the whole relationship building is that the girl has control over how far she wants to go. From a guy's point of view, that is the gentlemanly way to handle the situations. But there are times when the guy will grab the bit and see how far the girl is willing to let him go. I have to say that it was the girls that said, "whoa boy," but still showed interest that kept my interest the longest. Getting semi-intimate I think there needs to be a balance with talks letting each know that each are interested in each other, but one is not ready to take the relationship to the bedroom.

After the semi-intimate time you had I think the guy needs to call the you, as everyone is advising. Most of the time, there is a guy response to, "run for the hills," if the girl appears to be too aggressive and not let him make some moves.

Faith, I don't think you overstepped any boundaries in asking if he still had your numbers. You showed you were still interested in him. But you keep making a mistake when when you apologize. This is one mistake a lot of people make - apologizing too much. You did nothing wrong. If you tossed a drink in his face and meant to hit someone else with it, then that would be an appropriate time to apologize - but don't apologize more than once, maybe twice.

Don't ever bring it up hours later unless you haven't apologized. If he brings it up, then it is safe to apologize at that time, because it may be that he hasn't forgiven you.

If he brings it up days/weeks/months later (and not in a joking manner) and you've been talking in the meantime, he may be holding a grudge. I would say, "Get over it man! She's apologized already, what more do you want?" If this is a pattern, it may be a sign that he is trying to control you. Be wary of other signs.

I'm now wondering how often you apologize in the office? Step forward in your personal life with the same confidence that you seem to have in your professional life. =)

Now you have me thinking about looking up the etiquette for when it is appropriate to apologize. I'll link if you want me to.

Wow... 8) It always seems when I have something to say, it comes out like a chapter in a novel. Take care and I hope you have a good night. =)