Monday, November 15, 2004's DEFINITELY Monday.

Ok, all kinds of shit is on my mind this morning, and since the work databases are being a bit slow right now, I just thought I'd go ahead and blog about it now. Especially since the new boss will be here this afternoon (joy of all joys), so I don't know how much time I'll have later.

I am dreading this week. I don't want it to happen, but now that it's here, I want it to be over with as soon as possible. Like I said before, the new boss is coming in, and we have a meeting set up for all of our managers in the region on Thursday, with a dinner I've been asked to attend on Wednesday. Now, I love hanging out with my managers. They're all pretty cool people out of the office (and most of them are even cool when in the office, too. They can just be sort of frustrating sometimes, is all...), and spending time with them like I'll be able to will be a good time. But the new boss's old admin is the one who set up the meeting (DON'T get me started on that...I've made my peace with it, and am trying to move on), and for some inane reason, she's coming into town to attend the meeting as well. Um, can we say TOTAL waste of money? First of all, I'm in town. I should have been the one to set up the meeting. It's going to take all of my strength to not tell them exactly how stupid I think it is for them to have gone about arranging the meeting as they did. Shit, she didn't even know where we should have the dinner on Wednesday night...know why? THAT'S RIGHT!! It's because she doesn't fucking live here!!! Dammit.

So I'm not looking forward to this week because of that issue. I'm just going to avoid her as much as possible. I'm going to hang out around the managers, and my old boss, and have as good a time as I can. I'm sure the meeting will be informative for me as well, and that's always a plus. It's nice to be involved in knowing what the managers are being asked to focus on in the coming months/year.

But I also didn't want my weekend to end. It was soooo nice. I went home on Friday and just vegged...I prefer to stay in most Fridays. Just grab some dinner, have a couple of beers, and watch t.v. I did drive by the Moose, and saw that my friends were probably there, but I didn't really want to hang out, so I went home. Saturday, I went to the mall and got some new incense oil thingies from The Body Shop, and picked up a new body butter...cranberry. Mmm...I smell yummy with that stuff on. Then I went to the Moose, and hung out until around 9-ish. I was able to watch the USC game at home, and I did just that. I went home, turned on the game, cleaned the house a little bit (the bathroom floor was really starting to bug me...), and then played a little Bulls-Eye Ball (Twin, the machine only lets me play 30-second blitz sucks. Has yours flipped out like that?), and then went to bed at 12:30. I had called Dickhead to see if he wanted to come over, and he said he would call me when he was done with the movie he was watching at his friend's house, but I woke up at 2, and he hadn't called. So I called him. (He's a wasn't weird for me to do that, really.) I asked him if he'd forgotten to call, and he said no. He'd just left later than usual, and he wasn't coming over, so he decided not to call. I told him it was rude to say he was going to call, and then to not do so. He asked if we could talk about it on Sunday, and I asked him why should we? It was rude, he should've called, end of story. Then I said goodnight.

Sunday, I went to the Moose to watch the Chiefs game, as usual. I looked like hell, IMO, but I had the cranberry body butter on, and everyone was smelling was fun. Dave wound up sitting at the opposite end of the table we were at, and I swear I felt him looking at me all the time. When the game ended, I went home to put some laundry in my washer, and to put my left-overs away, and then went to meet everybody at the other little bar we go to sometimes. Dave was being really flirty. So I went over to his house when I was done with the little bar. We watched some show he likes to watch on Sunday nights (it's on CBS...I don't know if I can remember what it was. Cold Case Files, or something? Not my bag, really...but it wasn't a terrible show, or anything, I guess...), and then since the AMA's were on, we turned on Ocean's Eleven, although we really weren't watching it much. Man, he is SUCH a good kisser. And he did say that he had been staring at me all day. I knew it! :P But here we go again with the constant question of me staying over and all. Dude, we haven't even gone on a date. I'm NOT sleeping over! Seems that we're putting the past behind us and dealing with whatever happens at this point. But I'm still interested in dating other people right now, too. Since Dave and I haven't ever really gone on a date, it's not like I can say we're dating. But I don't just kiss anyone like I am I'd say we're at least seeing each other. Whatever. Did I mention he's a good kisser? Ok then...

He kept saying that I have such an abbrasive quality. I know I have a tone, but I don't think I'm abbrasive. I'm not going to kick someone's ass, or anything, you know? I just like things the way I like them...I don't see anything wrong with that, really. But he also brings out a side of me that I'm not used to, either. I don't know if it's because of me being confused about what's happening, or what. Maybe the age difference freaks me out more than I like to acknowledge? Maybe it's the fact that when I've been trying to rub on him, I swear I can't find his penis. (It's scary...I almost said something last night, but I figure that if the time comes that I actually need it for something, that's when I'll worry more about it...) I don't know. I DO know that he's got a nice body for a guy his age...I love his legs, and he's not wrinkly or droopy anywhere that I can see. Definitely a good thing. And I like hanging out with him...we have fun together.

Ok, so, that's what's going on with me today. Trying to keep my mind on happy things as opposed to the office situation, and hoping that this time around with Dave, I don't piss him off (and he doesn't piss me off, either...) so quickly. I'll keep y'all posted, of course. :)

Bleh. Back to work I go. I'm going to go see if I can pull up my paycheck now. Happy fucking Monday, my friends...:)


FaithsTwin said...

Sorry 'bout the Bullseye Ball...nope- mine is in tip top shape


I never get to play it anymore 'cause when I do the girls come and start dumping the fuckin' balls in the bullseye and I can never see what I am actually winning playing off the bouncy thing!

Have fun with Dave. I mean, come on- you KNOW we can be a bit cold to people. It's our frank and open way of dealing with things. It's normal to us, abrasive and cold to others.

We have, yet again, a new salesperson. Out with the semi-new guy whom I guess they thought wasn't doing well and in with a new guy, who didn't even say hello to me when I walked in. Ummm, yer a salesman and you don't even acknowledge a cute chick when you see one? Yeah, good luck.

And I look good. I colored my hair last night. It's a bit dark on the ends, but I just went with straight brown and did a comb in red on top. Looks cool!

Oh shit. I forgot make-up. You know, when you wake up and have dog poop outside your bedroom door and another one puking in the kitchen and then when you go to leave and walk through the piss you somehow missed that the dog NOT only left but then walked through and tracked allll over? Kinda slows ya up. *sigh* Happy Monday indeed. =)

lyn said...


dude, check out the goods before you waste any more time. I am a size queen and if they don't meet standards, I am out. I'd advise you to do the same.

and the work will be fine. just enjoy the people you like and igmore the people you don't. easy enough.

Anonymous said...

I know. It's weird, right? Usually, when I do stuff like what I do with Dave, it's very obvious that the guy I'm with is as excited as I am. But I often stradle his lap, and I feel nothin'. And so last night, the attention he was giving me warranted me feeling things out in that general area, and I couldn't find it. Maybe I was still a little too buzzed, or something. I don't know. I was focussing on the left upper-thigh area, so maybe I needed to go right. I don't know. Like I said, when I'm in a position to actually whip it out, that's when I'll see what's up. But since we haven't actually done anything for around 3 weeks, and the last time things went so terribly wrong, I'm not actually into doing more than make out on his couch until he at least takes me on a date. Not that it's a "buy me something, and then maybe you'll get a little more action" type of thing. More that it just seems like we're playing if there aren't any dates involved. I mean, he barely knows anything about me. And it's tough to ask/answer questions when you're just fooling around on the couch all the time, I think. So I'll let you know if/when I find it. He doesn't shy away from my roaming hand, so if there is a really strange issue, he must not be embarrassed about it at all. I'm having fun figuring it out, really. :)

FaithsTwin said...

Ok, suggestion on the find-the-willie bit: try giving him an upper thigh massage. You know just slightly massage his thighs on BOTH sides with BOTH hands and see where you go. I mean, I'm not big on huge, but I'm not big on a 2 incher either. *shrug*

Mark said...

Very funny (not in a ha-ha way) about your co-admin. It sounds a lot like the guy that has been working at my place forever (over 35 years now?), and gets upset whenever someone new gets hired that does anything remotely close to his job. I was fortunate to work with managers that didn't put up with his crap, but they didn't get rid of him either. They sat him down and talked with him time and time again and finally he's settled down - but that is because there hasn't been any new hiring in quite some time.

I can only hope that everyone ends up with such intelligent and tolerant managers that I've had. I know this is not the case, but one can always hope.

It could be that she is afraid of loosing a part of her job, even though she's been promoted to another position. I agree with the waste of resources for her to come to town for a meeting that she really has no business with? It could be her way (whether intentional or not) of making you look incompetent. But it could also just be part of the transition process, since you've not held your new admin position that long? How you look at it depends on how paranoid you are, I suppose.

Bah - dinner-date with managers. I can remember having a 4-hour meeting scheduled on a Saturday with a new manager, and that seemed like a total waste of time. Everyone I talked with about it was like, "Why couldn't we do this at work?"

Onto your "boy" problems...

From something I came across, but can't remember where but was some years ago, most guys swing to the left, but there are a few that swing to the right - I can't remember the percentages, but I think it was on the order of 75-85% that swing to the left. Then there are those with the "extending wonderwilly" that, depending on the path of least resistance, could swing about any direction in pants.

Also depending on placement and how it's attached at the base and how tight the pants are, it could go up or to the side or down the leg. Or it could start off going down the leg, and as it firms up, scoots up.

You like easter-egg hunting, eh? As long as you know there is an easter-egg to find? Good luck with your search.

Another note, from another article (or was it an infomercial?), the older a man gets, the more clogged the blood vessels can get, thus not allowing the firmness of a younger man. As the article put it, the more a man keeps getting it up, the longer in life he'll be able to keep getting it up.

And sometimes it just takes a certain touch to wake up that part, and even more so with age. Remember - men are in their prime at about 18, thus a blow in a guy's ear that age will wake him up, where it may take some good rubbing or other teasing for someone that is 48.

Faith said...

I've been in my position at my company for 3 years, actually, Mark. The other admin that's causing trouble has been here for almost 1 year less than me. And she wasn't promoted. I have held my position, even though my old boss was demoted. The new boss that's coming in has some loyalty issues with the old admin, and that's the major problem source. He'll be moving here eventually, though (he's been working in a different state since he was originally hired), and she will not. They're hoping to find her new responsibilities in the office where she's located, but that isn't guaranteed, apparently. So (a) I have the tenure over her ass, (b) I've been in this position for 3 years, and no one else has been offered my job, as far as I know, and (c) she's doing a terrible job with the requests my new boss has made of her (she gathers the wrong numbers for him when he asks for them; she made hotel reservations for managers that live a few blocks from where the meeting is being held, etc...). So I'm just waiting for the day when he realizes how much more valuable I am in this position than she is. And if he doesn't figure it out, then it's his loss.

FaithsTwin said...

Maybe Mark hasn't been reading up on your situation, Twin. Or maybe I'm getting emails mixed up with posts...whatevah.

Mark, my Twin is not paranoid. Annoyed, yeah, but paranoid? Nope. The OTHER admin is paranoid (and rightly so as her job is up in the air) and she's acting like a twit dealing with her old Boss being my Twin's new Boss and is NOT helping her situation by doing dumb things (flying someone into one town, renting them a car to drive 4 hours to a meeting in another town, then having them drive BACK to a meeting that is two hours later for him even though he has to drive 4 hours to get back...)

In any case, it's a hard story to follow, even though I get all the emails and the calls AND read about it here. Fascinating nonetheless. :) Human nature is what it's all about.

Mark said...

Girls, thanks for filling me in - I've yet to make it through all the blogs.

I was trying to say that the other admin was the one acting like my co-worker when he felt his job was threatened. Your response has firmed up my belief. Faith seems perfectly normal to me - and frustrated/annoyed for the right reasons. I didn't mean to make it sound like you were or should be paranoid - but some (like that other admin) would be when in your situation.

I take it you're more in a corporate world, and backstabbing seems to be the norm from what I've heard about that world. If your new boss has a thing for his old admin, there may be little you can do to fight it (to my knowledge). But if she keeps messing up, she will become more a liability than an asset, no matter how much your new boss likes her. Transition takes time, and he will learn to trust you to handle everything - if he has at least half a brain.

Faith, just keep a smile on your beautiful face and keep doing your job the best you can. From what it sounds like, you know what you need to do with the situation. From what I know about you so far, I believe you are a very intelligent and grounded girl. Don't let that girl rattle you.

Of course, I'm not telling you anything you don't already know. =)

Take care, and I hope your week gets better.

Faith said...

I hope he has half a brain, although so far, he hasn't been presenting himself in such a manner. The man has to have phone calls made for him, for chrissake! (i.e. he contacts one of his admins, asks them to make a phone call to a 3rd goddam person for him, has himself announced, and then the admin drops off the line. Unbelieveable...)

Thanks for the support, guys! I went out for some drinks tonight to get my mind off of it, and the rest of the week, I plan on working out to get my aggressions placed appropriately. I WILL make it through this week, I know it.

Well, I hope so, anyway. :)