Friday, November 12, 2004

You know what, horoscope? You know what you can do with yourself?

Ok, what is THIS supposed to mean? "What the heck is going on with you lately? Maybe it's time to reevaluate your standards. Face facts -- you can know someone for years, but that doesn't mean people are ever predictable. Deal with people as individuals rather than as members of your categories. It might be necessary to open your already expansive mind just a bit further. You may not think it's possible, but if you make the effort, the rewards will be obvious." That's my extended horoscope from Yahoo! today. Since when do horoscopes talk to people like that? Dayum! I mean, "What the heck is going on with you lately?" I DON'T KNOW! Isn't that what I read horoscopes for, is to find out some insight into why it is things are going the way they are for me? I think it is!

It's almost like the horoscope is calling all Aquarians closed-minded assholes today. Time to reevaluate my standards, my ass. My standards are just fine the way they are. (But I guess that's why it's telling me that I need to open my "already expansive mind" even more. Whatever.)

I had the weirdest dream this morning. I remember distinctly that I was having to choose between two men who loved me (and who were both very good kissers, btw), and at one point, I saw a storm whipping up outside, and remembered that there were windows open in the bedroom, so I went to go and close them. But there were several children trying to climb in the windows. They were sweet, and they were getting rained on, but I simply pushed them back outside as I closed the windows on them. (There weren't any screens in the windows, and they were low to the ground, and they filled two entire was a lovely bedroom, wherever it wasn't anything like mine, that's for sure.) After I closed all the windows, the children were still standing outside in the rain, and I decided to let them in the house. So I went to the mudroom, which was next to the bedroom, apparently, and opened the screen door to call for them. I think there were four of them...3 little girls and a little boy, if I recall correctly. I told them to take off their shoes and leave them in the mudroom, and then head to a central part of the house to dry off. Then I heard the garage open, and went to see who it was. I had been spending time with the one man that was in love with me...he was on my couch, along with a friend of ours, and we were chatting. I remember before the rain started and the children showed up that I had asked about where the other man was, and when had he left? So here he was, showing back up again. He was dressed like a park ranger, or a fireman, or something. He drove a big truck, and when he saw me come out the garage door to see who was there, he grabbed me and kissed me. I told him there were children in the house, and he looked confused. I didn't know how to explain it to him.

Then that part of the dream ended, and another one started. My home had been re-done by one of those surprise home makeover type of shows on t.v. They had painted my room, and replaced a couple of the accessories, but it looked almost exactly the same as it had before. Except for the fact that the walls were a slightly uglier shade of green, and the paint job was was all gloppy in some places, and it was still wet, so it looked terrible. I can't remember much of that dream, except that I was unhappy with the makeover surprise (because I really love my room the way it is now...), and I was pretending to be happy with it. And I can't remember if that part of the dream came before the other one, really. But I know they both happened after I woke up at 5 to go pee, and before I woke up at 6:20. Any dream analyzers out there? What do you think of the first one I mentioned? I would love to know what the kids trying to climb in the windows, and me pushing them out (but then letting them in through a door anyway) might mean...


Lushy said...

:rushes to the phone to cancel the While You Were Out Team:

Do you have any people that you feel obliged to care for but resent having to do so?

Faith said...

Hmm. I don't *think* so...but I'm not sure. That's a good question. I mean, as much as I make comments about my silly little "fucked up" family, I love and care for all of my siblings and my father (and step-mom) a great deal. I really dislike my new boss, but am forced to be nice and friendly with him and his old assistant. Could that be it?

Man! That could be it! See, in the dream, I felt a distinct difference in the way I felt about the two men that were in love with me. The one that was on the couch, chatting with me was perfectly fine, and all, but I knew I didn't really have any feelings for him, and that it was only a flattering feeling to having him be in love with me. However, when the other man showed up, looking all heroic and everything, I was really sincerely happy to see him. I wonder if they symbolize my new boss/old boss relationships. (The only thing that bothers me about that is the fact that the guy I really was happy to see was driving his big truck into my garage, and that's HARDLY a way I think about my old boss...I mean, ick. He's like my brother.) The love feeling could represent my job.

Dammit, woman...I'm so glad you spoke up. This makes a TON of sense now. Now I can drink in peace tonight, and not wonder who the hell might be in love with me without me knowing it. :) WOO!

FaithsTwin said...

"What the heck is wrong with you?!" Yeah. I know. Shut the fuck up already.

Lushy said...

Maybe I've found my new calling. My business card will read: Lushy McLusherton - Paralegal extraordinaire, client-centered dream analyst and NFL goddess, at your service. Heh.

Hope you have a great weekend!

Mark said...

As far as that first dream goes, my romantic side really leans on the ex-boyfriend/boyfriend theory. The kids are confusing though. They could be a manifestation of your biological clock, perhaps?

But I really don't like to think too hard on dreams - I'd go crazy trying to analize mine. ;)

The horoscope I can make more sense out of. lol From what it says, you are confused about someone (or several) that doesn't fit into any catagory or can't be labeled with your current list (standards). So you will have to expand a definition on your catagories to fit those people into. Once you have those people wrapped up, you will be able to enjoy life.

I try not to meditate too long on horoscopes that don't make too much sense either. And often with me, they tend to make more sense at the end of the day than the beginning. Many times I will look at the previous and next day to see if it appears that it is a day off - especially when it doesn't make sense.

Some things are forever meant to be a mystery.

Faith said...

Who are you, Mark? Do I know you? It's so unusual to have a complete stranger/guy offering advice like this on my blog. :) (I did check out your website earlier today...very smart. I'm a bit more of a social blog-type myself, but I'll be sure to check back there from time to time...)

I'm sure the dream has nothing to do with ex-boyfriends. I haven't had a guy fall in love with me since I was 19. The last two haven't shown anything in the way of being in love with me, and I don't mind that all that much. I'm pretty sure I hit it on the nose when I struck the thought of the work correlation (with Lushy's help, of course...thanks again, Lushy!) in the dream.

I don't have a biological clock. I strongly dislike children, and never want to have any. I can't find a doctor that's willing to "fix" me this early in life (being unmarried, etc...), or else I'd have that done and move on with things. So the children in the dream didn't have anything to do with real life.

See, dreams are waaaay more allusive than people realize, I think. Which is why proper dream analyzation is so helpful. Had Lushy not made the suggestion she made, I wouldn't have thought of the concept she brought up of me possibly having to put up a front for someone in my life right now. But I am, in a BIG way, and I've discussed it a bit in my posts over the past month or so. My job world is sucky right now. I loved working for my old boss that was demoted, and the new guy that has replaced him is causing a bit of a problem for me with the way he's handling the transition. It's no biggy...we'll work our way through it, I'm sure. But in the meantime, it's hard for me to deal with. I want my old boss to have his job back...there was no reason for him to have lost it in the first place, and I strongly disagree with management's decision to have done what they did. So the dream makes perfect sense when you relate it to that situation. The new boss is the guy who's in love with me that I don't have feelings for, and the old boss is the guy that I'm looking for, and am happy to see when he shows up again. Even the storm represents the tumult that I feel on a daily basis having to deal with the situations I have to deal with. Having to put on an act and behave as though everything is fine is tough, but necessary. And that's what the children having to be complacent in a situation that I'd rather push away and lock out, if I could.

It's not romantic in any way. There isn't anything romantic happening in my life right now, unfortunately! :P

Mark said...

No, I don't think our paths have ever crossed. I found your blog by looking for blogs dealing with KC. I've always been very open on the net, but can be shy in person. I've had even more practice with helping some friends out on an online workout/support group at dealing with anything from workouts to boy problems as well.

I know guys have questions about how girls think, just as girls have questions as to how guys think. While I don't think my actions are not those of a typical guy, I do have the typical guy thoughts in my dealings with girls so I understand and can hopefully help bridge the understanding gap between girls and guys.

I'm glad you figured out your dream. But as I said, I'm not about to try to figure out mine. ;)

I've been in a political mood lately, but I'm sure I'll swing back around to personal\game\whatever seems like something fun to talk about before long. Thanks for the complement. I'll try not to let it go to my head. ;) I did have a girl back in HS Algebra 2 nickname me "brain" because I was able to teach her on the subject we were just taught.

Mark said...
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