Monday, December 20, 2004

Back from the dead. (Oh, was just Wichita, but you know what I mean...)

Well, I'm home from my meeting in Wichita, and my long ass day of driving and then working and BLEH!! It really wasn't too bad, but now I'm procrastinating from cleaning up my room so I can pack tomorrow night without anything holding me back.

My weekend was fun. Friday night was weird, with Dickhead and all. We had dinner, we fooled around, we was just weird, though. I asked him about it on Saturday. He said he was just in the wrong mood. I mean, we were still able to do what we needed to do, and I had a great talk with him, as usual, but I just was turned off of maybe wanting to get together with him any more. Which is too bad. (In my book, anyway.)

Saturday, I was at the Moose off and on all fucking day long. There was this little football kicking contest that happened earlier in the day, and we were all there to watch, which was fun. No one won, but we didn't care. Oh, Friday night, Dave figured out that I was getting together with what another guy we hang out with called my "booty call". I just tried to pass it off as getting together with an old friend, but I guess this other guy had heard me talking with the girls about it the night before, and he decided to mention it aloud to Dave. The buggar. I didn't want Dave to get jealous, because we just got back to the point where things are mellow, right? Anyway, Saturday, sure enough, Dave seemed to be in another mood. He wasn't aiming it at me this time, though. When we got together later to watch the KU game (which rocked, btw...), his friend Robert started in on him, making comments about KU's performance up to that point in the game (they started out the 1st half with a lovely 0-13 "run" was NOT a good time to be a KU fan), and it pissed Dave off sufficiently enough that he left. No biggy. I wound up having a great conversation with a nice guy at the bar (old guy...but he has sons!), and then KU won, and the night ended happily for me, anyway. Sunday, my other friends were there to watch the Chiefs, and I warned them that Dave was in a mood. And sure enough, he didn't even sit with us (really, he hates the crappy picture quality on the big screen, and so do the rest of us...), but kept coming over to visit, especially as the game progressed and it was clear that Denver was going DOWN baby!! I took advantage of the mood, and made a request that he help me get to and from the airport over the next week. I can't believe I didn't think of it before, you know? The guy lives around the corner from me, doesn't work, he wakes up early every day, so having to get me to the airport on Wednesday by 7 shouldn't be a problem, and he'll be able to pick me up next week too. So my car can stay in it's little garage and stay warm and happy (and dirty as HELL right now...blech! Poor little car...), I won't have to pay the parking fees at the airport, AND I get door to door service. Maybe even with a smooch or two. Eee! I'm happy...

But I'm also hella busy. I've got to go clean now. And although I might have some time to post tomorrow (Tuesday), work might also be sucking-busy, so no guarantees. But definitely Wednesday night. Because apparently my older sister is pissed at me for that whole "fuck off, fucking family..." rant I did in my comments a couple of weeks ago, and thinks I was telling HER in particular to fuck off. When really, I was ranting about my entire family, and how disgusting it is to me that everyone is coupled up but me. But whatever. The world clearly revolves around some folks. It's just too bad for them that no one else is taking notice of it, I s'pose. That must really suck. So you'll likely hear more from me about that. Maybe not. Depends on my mood, I'm sure. She's not reading my blog any more (and I really didn't want any family besides the Twin to read it anyway!! FOR EXACTLY THIS REASON, GAH!!!), so it doesn't matter what I say, really.

Hope everyone had a coolio Monday, and that Tuesday is a nifty day as well. :)


lyn said...

she's back! glad you had a good weekend. and such a good idea for dave to take you to the airport.

now, don't forget to call me or email me while you are here. we so need to hook up!

Faith said...

I checked last night...I definitely have your cell number plugged into my cell. Unless you've changed it since July, I'll be calling you Wedensday or Thursday, babay! (If you have changed it, send me an e-mail...)

I'm so excited! :)

lyn said...

my cell is still the same. and i have yours too! see you in cali!

:: jozjozjoz :: said...

Congrats on surviving Wichita!