Thursday, December 09, 2004

I'm feelin' it

I can feel my bad mood breaking up a bit. This morning, I was a bit grumpy because I was awfully tired, but now I have a BIG Diet Pepsi, and I'm rolling through my morning activities at work, have a list written of the things I need to accomplish, and am looking forward to getting it done today, and am generally just feeling good about being back in the swing.

I got my hair done last night. I look pretty. That's all there is to say about that.

I've suddenly been receiving more e-mails from interested parties on the dating site I'm using right now, and while not all of them are making me do backflips over how cute they are, each one of them seem to have some things in common with me, at least from what I can see in their profile, and I've written them all back, for the most part. (I've deleted one or two here and there, but I always let them know that we wouldn't be a good match before I do so...) I've been chatting with one guy for about a month now via e-mail, and am hoping to meet him next week. Another guy just wrote to me on Tuesday, and I responded yesterday, even though he's not very attractive in his picture. But he is 6'4", and his profile is very compatible with my interests, and all. So I didn't want to pass him up just because of my lack of attraction to his picture. When I think of the guys that I've been interested in over the past couple of years, they haven't been exactly Jude Law look-alikes, you know? I like guys for their character, and for their sense of humor, and the odd attraction I feel for them that seems to pounce on me in an out of control sort of way. So I'm not willing to say to this one guy that although we seem to have a lot in common, I'm not attracted to his picture, so he can just buzz off. Nah...I decided to give it a chance. Plus, a date is a date is a date. I usually have fun on dates, whether I feel chemistry with a person or not, and going out and doing stuff with new people is always a treat. He wrote me back last night, and it was too late for me to write him back again, so I'll do it tonight, I s'pose. But he sounded relatively smart, and he was sweet, so it might be interesting to get to know him. I'm just looking forward to dating again. None of this bullshit about going over to someone's house that I met at a bar, and then have to be friends with again after he decides that he's not a grown-up that wants a normal dating relationship with a girl, because he's a big dummy. Uh-uh. Just a few dates here and there, and then the figuring out of whether there's something more there than just the dating, etc, etc, and so on, and so forth.

Because the bullshit pisses me off. And even though I'm sure it won't be the last time I make the mistake of doing something that has to do with the bullshit (I'm weak when it comes to my hormones and their need to make me want to kiss someone's face...I admit it openly), I'm going to try to be more in control of myself going forward. This is definitely not an area of life to which I repeat the mantra of "I surrender" sir. I am NOT surrendering to any man, anywhere, anytime. That is, not unless we agree to surrender to each other, dammit.


lyn said...

good luck with this one! i'm glad you are giving him a chance even though his photo isn't all that. i hate pix of me. i am way better looking in person. tee hee.

FaithsTwin said...

Lyn, you are GORGOUS! (Said as IYA from that show Julie Brown did on Fox years ago...)

I, too, take shitty shitty pics. I HATE pics of myself. In fact, there are only a few pictures I do NOT mind people seeing of me over my 31 years. Yes, folks, a 'few' means maybe 3 or 4. Pathetic, but some of us just are not photogenic.

However, in real life, I have men telling me I am stunning. Hell, I had a woman tell me I was stunning! It's the eyes. Always gets 'em.

Gotta go paint now! Fun...

Anonymous said...

Have fun getting back into the dating scene!! Sounds like some fun will be had soon. You deserve it!!