Monday, December 13, 2004

In case anyone was wondering...

I will not be attending the blogger shin-dig that Tony O invited us all to this Wednesday. I appreciated the invite (as was told to Tony O via e-mail), and while it sounds like it'd be loads of fun, I leave those sorts of get-togethers to being the ex's domain.

Not that anyone has asked, but in case anyone was wondering. I will not be there. Besides, I'm pretty sure most people would know how to meet up with me if they really cared to meet me in person. I'm pretty open about the places I spend my free time, eh? :)

Thanks again for the invite, Tony! I'm sure it'll be a good time, and I hope it's a great turn out, and that people will be posting info about the who/what/why/how drunk on Thursday so I can read all about it.


Julie said...

Faith, this is totally off-topic (except it's about blogging)--but I LOVE LOVE LOVE "Everything is Wrong with Me." If I read it at work, I honestly have to cover my mouth with my hand and hold it there tight so I don't laugh out loud. Today I had to hold it over my nose, too, so I didn't snort.

Thank you for pitching it on your blog.

Do you ever wonder what that guy is really like? I mean, do you think he's as bad as he says he is? My rule of thumb: if a guy says he's bad news, believe him. But could he seriously be that funny and be that bad? (I think you can see for yourself why I'm still single!)

FaithsTwin said...


You know how many times I've said that exact same thing to my Twin?

He is the damned funniest guy I have read in a long time. There was this kid I knew who was pretty fuggin' hilarious a couple years back. He would literally go into AOL chat rooms and start up convos with people and see what they would say- like the Christian room he would go in and say all types of ludicrous stuff that no one would say to Christians, or into the white supremacy chat room and say pretend he wasn't white (which he SOOOOO was). Then he would post the results in our message boards (I was a serious Project Greenlight freako for about 2 years.)

I met him a couple times and he was this complete cutie but so quiet and shy!!! It was classic. He would also post conversations he would have with God. lol.

I'm sure Jason is probably half of what he says he is. In any case, he *is* the funniest guy I have read in a long time and I thank my Twin for the link, too.

Faith said...

Julie, he *shit* in his pants while in the bathroom at a party. All I can say is, if he's making that stuff up, he's very, very good at it, and I hope he never stops.

Shit. in. his. pants.

I was so grossed out, and yet I was almost peeing my pants (ironic, no?) laughing at the ridiculousness of it all.

I love his blog more than any other, and am so glad he takes the time to update it. And every once in a while, I post about him, just to make sure that people are seeing his stuff as often as I am. Internet quasi-celebrity indeed. He deserves it, doncha think?