Friday, December 31, 2004

It's official. My New Year's Eve is going to suck.

Well, I seem to have a nasty flu virus. Taking form in the stomach issues and a headache, and a new sort of exhaustion that makes me want to cry when I have to be awake. This sucks.

Oh, and Pepto is apparently powerless against it. Great.

So I'm here at the office, ready to warn everyone else that if they want me to stay here, then they probably shouldn't come here, because they could likely catch this little piece of shit virus. Unless they want to feel incredibly ill and unhappy in a couple of days. But what I'm really hoping for is that my icky co-worker will come in eventually and let me go home and go back to bed. Doubtful that will happen, though.

Thank goodness that most everyone else in the world has today off, and that all of our customers probably think we do too. Hopefully that'll make for very quiet phones, and will make it easier for icky co-worker to be able to let me go home.

What this effectively ruins for me, though, is a fun day of watching football, drinking a few beers, having a yummy dinner and hanging out with Dave. I MUST be better before tomorrow!! That's just the way it has to be, dammit.

In the mean time, I'm sipping Gatorade, having a little room temperature Coke every now and then (helps settle my stomach, and will give me some caloric assistance, since all I've had in the last 20 hours is rice and crackers, and I couldn't bear the thought of putting something solid in my stomach this morning), and I'm hoping to be able to lay down on my office floor here in a minute for a teeny nap. As long as the phone stays quiet, I should be fine.

So Happy New Year to everyone who might be on their computer reading blogs like mine today. I hope everyone has a safe and happy night!!


bitchbook said...

Oh, Girl =[

Hope you feel better soon!!

I agreed to work tonight about a month ago, when I thought I wouldn't have plans. Yep ... tonight, New Year's Eve, a Friday, a night that I normally have off. But I felt sorry for my own icky co-worker, who had to work the holidays last year.

Ah, martrydom, my middle name on this day =]

Get some rest ... hopefully by midnight, you'll be feelin' good & ready to ring in the new year with a kiss (& stuff) from Dave =)

(((Happy New Year, Faith!)))

Lushy said...

I hope you have a miraculous afternoon recovery so you can have at the very least, a comfortable New Years Eve. Hope you feel better and have a great day tomorrow!

Faith said...

Thanks guys! I'm hanging in there right now. The advantage to not eating is that I'm not getting those horrible pangs of pain in my belly today. The disadvantage is that I'm sure my lack of food is contributing to the exhaustion I'm feeling right now. Double-edged sword, welcome to my Friday.

And I'm not one of those types that say, "Well, at least I'll lose a few pounds!" Because I'll gain it back just as soon as I can stuff food back in my face again, dontcha know. But I have lost a bit of weght since yesterday, which is helping so the jeans don't even push on my belly in the least, which is nice.

I am glad that I don't have to work tonight...but hopefully you get at least time-and-a-half, Sheri. Or double-time, or something. Money is *always* a good thing, eh? :)

Anonymous said...

I hope you feel better very soon and soon enough to enjoy the evening and entire weekend girl!!
Have a very HAPPY NEW YEARS!!!
Sorry to hear about the work crap but I'm not much in sympathy since I always think - at least you have a job. :-) But I do understand how the bullshit weighs on you - I hope it gets better.

lyn said...

feel better.

FaithsTwin said...

Awww, Dude- sorry you still don't feel well! What a bummer.

It's rainy and cold here today- not putting me much in the mood to watch the kids hula tonight. Besides, this cold I have is making me uber tired so all I want to do is sit and sleep. How sick am I? I skipped getting a diet coke at *all* yesterday.

Hope it gets better, though. I'm sure by tomorrow things will feel better than today!

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