Tuesday, December 07, 2004

Kids say the darndest things...

While I was home visiting the fam, the Twin's oldest daughter (who is 8, I think...right Twin?) came running up to me as I sat on the couch one afternoon. She said, "Aunt Faith, I thought your hair was blond!" I said, "It is blond." She said, "No it isn't," in a very matter-of-fact way. I said, "Yes, it is." She asked me, "Did you just take a shower or somethin'?" "No, sweetie, I didn't just take a shower." She asked, "Then why is it all black right here?" while pointing at my roots. (My hair was in a ponytail, btw...makes roots more obvious to 8 year olds, apparently...) "Oh! That's what happens when you're a fake blond, and you're not able to get in to see your hairdresser during the week you're supposed to, because you suddenly have to fly to California for a funeral," I replied. She just leaned over with a big grin and hugged me. And then she ran off to hang out with my other niece in another part of the house.

She cracks me up.

And, for the record, I'm seeing my hairdresser tomorrow night to fix the monstrosity that is My Hair right now. It should look fabulous at Christmas, which should make my niece very happy, I'd think. :)

Any other fake blonds out there? I have to say that looking at my roots, I can't believe that my hair is as dark as it is under all the dye I've put on it throughout all the years. The Twin and I started out blond, and it turned into a dishwater, nasty type color on my head by the time I was in high school. So I started dying it my senior year. Started out doing that at home...just a shampoo-in color of red at first. Then I went and had it professionally done at an Aveda salon in San Clemente before I headed off to college, and I was transformed, I tell you. It was like I was a new girl. The chick I went and saw bobbed it, and died it this bright, lovely red color. I felt really happy about myself with that hair. And I'd lost a lot of weight over the summer, so I was a happy, happy freshman. It's seen several different incarnations since that first dye job, but is currently hanging in the shoulder-length blond arena. I like it this length, and I like it this color. My friends that have known me with both red and blond (and everything in between, btw...never, ever doing dark brown again. Huh-uh.) agree that they like the blond the best. But when I go red, they all coo over how good I look with red hair, too. I like it best blond, I think. It'll probably be a good long time before I go back to red again. Maybe another year, or so.

Anyway, I'd be afraid to let it grow out now. I'm sure the color wouldn't nearly live up to the colors that I can make it simply by paying my fabu hairdresser to do. And can I say how lucky I am to have found such fabulous hair dressers over the past few years? My last one, Rusty, moved on from the hairdressing world back into retail because he really wasn't happy doing hair any more. But the chick he used to go to for advice on all his color jobs on me (he's taken me from red to bright red to blond, to lighter blond, etc...) is still in the biz, and she works at a more reasonable salon than she used to, so I go to her now. She's a bit boring compared to my old hairdresser, but she's still a cool enough chick, and she does great hair, so I'm sticking with her. Hell, I only have to see her once a month, so who cares, really?

Ow. My roots hurt. I need to go feed them some Advil. Latahhh....

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Mark said...

I know about the deal with the hair getting darker with age. Same thing happened with my dad and me. Started off really blond, now it has a mix of just about every color, mostly dark. I do grow out a goatee that looks more red in color than anything else.

If I had more hair to worry about (definately get the lack of hair from my mom's side), I may think about coloring it just so see what it looks like. Bah, who am I kidding? I'm a guy and don't really pay attention to color. =P Who needs color when you can shave it off? ;)