Friday, December 17, 2004

My kingdom for a hashbrown...

Dear Lord, I am seriously craving some hashbrowns right now. I don't know's not making sense to me, really. I had pasta for breakfast (shut up...I'm out of eggs, and it sounded good), and am not really hungry, per se. I don't get it...why the hashbrowns, and not a burger or my favorite chicken picata dish from the Moose?

Cravings are weird.

The New Boss is worrying me today, btw. He's trying to do things that he really shouldn't do while he's cracking down on other things that are being done (which I agree with), and for some reason, a manager in the region made it seem like there was an applicant that needed to remain a secret, although I'm not sure why that would be necessary. I'm not sure if the manager was confused about the request from New Boss, or what. But I've looked at the application, and I see nothing fishy, and it's not like I go around sending blazing red "URGENT! READ THIS!!" memos to everyone I work with telling them who we're running background checks on. I don't care! I just need to have the application in case we hire them, you know? So things are weird this morning. All mysterious and shit. Hopefully, when New Boss gets here, he can clear things up relatively quickly, and we can move on with our day.

But the mystery is kind of fun, I s'pose.

Dammit...I really still want hashbrowns, even after all that bullshit. I'd better go eat half an apple, or something. Happy mysterious Friday! :P

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lyn said...

don't you know it's hashbrown friday? it's joelle's fault.