Tuesday, December 14, 2004


While I was at the Moose last night, watching the game with a couple of friends, Dave called me. At the bar. To APOLOGIZE for his behavior on Saturday this past weekend. He said he had just been in a really bad mood, and he felt bad for taking it out on me.

Hm. Dave apologized. It was weird.

As my co-worker often says, OMG.

So I guess he and I are back on a normal page together, and I no longer have to worry about whether I'm bothering him by being around, or whatever. Yay for me!


Julie said...

This is one of those weird karmic things where the (ex) boyfriend can sense you are interested in someone else, so he calls to see if he can keep you attached. Somehow Dave "knew" that dickhead (?) called, so he had to call too.

Or perhaps it's the "when it rains, it pours" response?

FaithsTwin said...

See? The hemeroids cleared up, his ass was no longer on fire, he felt badly for treating you poorly BECAUSE his ass was on fire, hoocha hoocha hoocha...apology!

Does she say, "OMG."? Or is it an "Oh My God."?

Or as Jessica Simpson made so quickly an out phrase, "Oh my gaw."?

lyn said...

wow. the dude has half a clue. Amazing.

Faith said...

Yep. I don't know what's going on. I mean, he can't find my numbers (I asked him...he swears he did not intentionally throw them away), and that's why he called me at the bar - since he knew I was planning on going there to watch the game last night. He invited me over to watch the game at his house, and I did go there for the last half, so I could talk to him. Which he was perfectly willing to do, oddly enough. I told him that I really wanted to be friends, and that I was worried about him when he behaved the way he did on Saturday, actually. (Because even though he was being a fucktard, I still worry. Because I'm kind of a jackass that way...) See, we had that freak snow storm right before Thanksgiving, and apparently, several trees around town called Bradford Pears all went to tree heaven in a handbasket. Limbs were everywhere, whole trees uprooted themselves, and apparently, Dave's tree in his front yard (a 20 year old Bradford Pear that he planted himself when he moved in) split in the middle, and broke in four different directions. He felt lucky that it missed his house by a few inches, but losing that tree really depressed him. Also, his mom died two years ago, the holidays are coming up, and I think he's feeling that as well. He called his dad 3 times when I was there last night...he's really close to his parents, being an only child and all. A couple of times during our talk, he looked like he was close to crying. But then the Chiefs would do something stupid or amazing, and everything was ok again.

I don't know what to do with a man like this. I told him his hot and cold behavior towards me had turned me off, and it's too bad that he doesn't know what he wants to do, but he needs to leave me alone until he figures it out. I want him to behave in public like he does when we're alone. I like to date the guys I'm making out with every now and then. And while it's been really pleasant the times we have been alone together, the times we're with other people have made it all not seem worth while. He nodded and agreed and apologized, etc, etc...But what will it all mean if he just goes back to doing what he always does, and becomes grumpmaster again? I don't know. I'm keeping an open mind to it, and I was *really* surprised he apologized and was open to hearing me voice my concerns. So I'm hoping maybe things will change for us now. We'll see...

lyn said...

yeah...i'm glad you are at a better spot with him. he is kinda weird still, but whatever.