Friday, December 10, 2004

This is becoming a monthly promise...

Ok. So I'm yet again resigned to getting myself back on the losing weight track, no excuses! I'm eating egg whites and mushrooms and pineapple for breakfast, I'm eating soup with green beans or baked chicken with rice and green beans for lunch, and I'll allow myself a salad at dinner, or some grilled chicken, or something like that. None of that "Spaghettios are cheap...and I need cheap right now, so I'll just buy Spaghettios" mentality is allowed to stick around. The weekends are not "days off" from being good the rest of the week. It's become quite clear that my body doesn't allow for "days off", and I can't have them any more.

So I'm cracking down. I usually like the way my body looks when I'm naked, and I've finally hit a point where I can honestly say that isn't true any more.

Size 14: we will meet again soon. You just wait.


lyn said...

you can do it! just be thankful you don't have real mexican food there.

those damn carnitas tacos at 2am are going to catch up with me someday.

FaithsTwin said...


Mark said...

Faith, if you really want people to support and motivate you, head on over to The Beachbody Message Boards! Believe me, they are pumped and they know those programs work. They have the trainers from the videos drop by every once in a while and a fitness advisor for your questions about eating/diet and exercise routines and alternate moves. They have a basic diet guide they call Michi's Ladder. Many of the people use The Zone Diet along with Michi's Ladder to obtain the best results. There is another site to track your calories called Fitday.

They even have an online chat, and a program called WOWY (Work Out With You), where you can meet up with someone online to work out with. Eating healthy is only half the battle! You have the mindset - don't loose it!!! You don't need to purchase a program to get the support!!! Shhh!!! Don't tell them I said that. ;)

And of course there is the success stories and support team of people that have proved that anyone can loose weight and gain confidence, self respect, and a healthy lifestyle! Some have lost over 100lbs!!! And some have lost 50+lbs in 90 days! Heck, I've lost 50lbs from doing a couple of rounds of P90 over the past year+. I'm not on the fast track, but I'm on track! =D

That is the quick dump of all the information I have about what I have seen work for people.

All that support is FREE!* Are you with me?!? Are you with me!?! =D

Faith, good luck on your loss!!! =D

*There is the potential for charges at some time and/or on some of the sites. At this time all Beachbody Support listed is free.

FaithsTwin said...

I notice you tend to be really amped during your posts. And you like to dish out advice. To chicks. And you're a guy.

Now, don't get me wrong- there *are* people who enjoy the way you are. I genuinely believe you are a really nice dude.

However, growing up with Faith for the past 31 years I can tell you: if she is LOOKING for advice or asking for recommendations, she'll SAY IT. If advice is offered unsolicited, others may find that happy and warm and fuzzy. Faith and I tend to scowl and go, "Did I ASK for help? I don't remember asking for anyone to give me blah, blah, blah."

Now, some may find this rude, bitchy, plain old mean. We, however, are from a certain walk of life where you often just need to say what needs to be said.

You're a nice guy, but please quit it with the unsolicited info. I'm goin' for broke here, and hopefully you'll take what I have said in a positive light and not as a personal insult in any way.

:disclaimer- this is from ME, NOT Faith. I know her well and I am saying what is on MY mind, NOT hers. Mmmk? If this bothers anyone on any level, talk to ME. And if Faith finds what I have said off the cuff, she has my permission to delete it, as always.: :)

Mark said...

Twin, dually noted. Sometimes I have to banged over the head. ;) No offense taken. I still like ya. =) It's part of that guy thing - see something that someone considers broke and so the guy has to try to fix it, where the girl is just needing to talk through a problem. I'll try to stop fixing things. ;)

Faith said...

I can assure you, I'm not broken. I don't need fixing.

But thanks.

I was just mentioning that I recognize the fact that it's time to stop being passive about the extra weight I have on me, and to really get myself in gear. I understand that some people dig support from others in their quest to get in shape. I've been doing this for years (fighting the chub, I mean); as in since I was in 5th grade. I've *always* been 20 pounds overweight at some time or another. But I've been through a couple of programs that have helped, and I've retained that knowledge, which comes in handy at times like these. I don't believe in fad diets (which is what I consider Zone to fit into...sorry...), and I don't believe in starving myself, either. Eating right, getting on my tread 4 times a week...setting a path for success that doesn't include stops through McDonald's for breakfast when I'm pressed for time in the a.m. That sort of thing is all I need.

But I'm not broken. And I appreciate the kind words, I do. But I'm glad the Twin spoke up. Because this here blog is a space for me to talk out loud, and for other people to read it and do with the info as they will. But it's not a place for people to dump all their "Here's what I would do if I were you!" type of stuff. Because you *aren't* me. Only I can decide what I'm going to do. And while suggestions are all well and good, the Twin is right...if I don't ask for help, I probably don't need it offered unsolicited. Thanks for understanding Mark. :)

Mark said...

Faith, I just hope I wasn't too much of a pain. If I was, I'm very glad (if somewhat dazed) that Twin finally came out and knocked my noggin to make me aware of how I was behaving.

I humbly apologize if I was being a pest.

Julie said...

Hey Faith, I just want to say: after reading your blog for a while, I really envy your positive feelings about your body--I think you've got a great and healthy sense of yourself as cute and loveable. I love reading your descriptions of yourself as a blonde cutie in a BMW.

There is another post I read on a blog recently that is PROFOUND about the topic of women and bodies. It's a great read, and it also links to two other great blog entries about the beauty of "real" women's bodies--both written by men! Take a gander:

Faith said...

Thanks Julie! I have to say that I do feel very blessed to have come into the comfort I feel with my body and how I look. I just wrote a note back to Sheri about this, because she wanted to let me know that she thinks I'm actually really lucky to have the body I have (I'm curvy in all the right places, babay!), and she said some really nice things to me about her perception of me in that note, which I greatly appreciated. I do like my body, and have NO problem attracting men to me, it seems. They like the boobs, and the fact that everything else is big too doesn't seem to bother most of them. But what I said to Sheri is that I'm starting to grow out of the clothes I have, and it's making ME feel unhappy about myself. I need to be more in control. I need to stop thinking, "Eh, why the fuck not?" as I pull into the McDonald's drive through yet again. I need to get back down to 170 pounds, and a size 14, which is a spot that I've found is exceedingly comfy for me, and I like the way it looks on me.

So thanks for your kind words! I appreciate it! Oh, and thanks for the link, too. I'll check that out as soon as I'm done typing this. :)