Wednesday, December 29, 2004

Vacation is Over; I'm a Flake; Oh, and I FOUND IT!!

Ok, so my vacation in Cali was a bit hectic at times, and fun at others, and generally relaxing, I suppose. Leaving for the airport was an ordeal yesterday morning, but there were so many people running about, and for some reason, Dad thought it'd be a good idea to make the oldest sister and her fiance rush to get ready, try to cram all of my stuff into their car with theirs, and have them drive me to the airport, even though I'd told them the night before that I wasn't going with them, and they didn't have to worry about it. It was a frustrating start to the day for lots of people and it was unnecessary. But the step-mom offered to drive me at the very last second, and she got me there on time, gave me some cash just in case my flight was delayed again like last time (I didn't have time to hit the ATM, and I refuse to pay money to get money from ATMs that aren't associated with my bank), hugged me and I was on my way. The flight was perfect, and I got home on time. It was a good day.

I want to apologize to the friends I had really hoped to hook up with. I was feeling very hermity and homebodyish the entire time I was home this time. I really should've taken the time to get out and away from the fam once or twice, but it just never panned out, so I'm sorry!!! Hope you all had a fabu and fun Christmas weekend, and that your week is going well. (Happy birthday, Lyn!!!! I hope you have a really, really, REALLY great day today and an awesome night tonight, chicky!!)

Dave was waiting for me when I got off the plane yesterday. He even got my bags off the carousel for me. :) Then he dropped me at home, and we met up at the Moose for drinks a little bit after that. Apparently, I missed an eventful Christmas Eve and Christmas Day here in KC, and he told me all about it. I visited with my bartender friend a bit, had dinner, and then went home to unpack and unwind a bit more. Dickhead called me to say hi (he's been doing that's nice, but weird...), and I called my older sister to make sure she knew that I appreciated her offer to drive me to the airport yesterday, but that there was just no way it would've worked, etc... - damage control, really. She's sensitive lately. And then I called Dave and left him a message letting him know that if he wanted to hang out and watch the Notre Dame game, or whatever, he could call me back. So he did, and we watched, and, well, as the co-worker often says "long story short", I found his penis! There had been some concern about it a little while back, and I just wanted everyone to know that he does have one, it's just fine, and while it was a little bit difficult to find (it points down...I'm not used to that. Whatev...) it is there, and that's all that matters. It wasn't used for anything specific last night, but I have a feeling it will be in the near future. If I have anything to say about it, anyway...
So that is what's up with me at this point. I'm looking forward to a long weekend full of football, hanging out at the Moose with friends, cleaning up around the house (because DAYUM! It's a mess, yo!), and just generally lolling about KC. I can't believe the ASU game is on at 1:fucking30 on Friday, and I don't know if I'll be able to get out of work in time to watch more than just the last quarter of it. (I don't get off until 3, but I'm going to see if I can get out of here at 1, if my boss will let me...) But that's ok. It seems that my plans for New Year's Eve might be to stay in and be mellow, but New Year's Day is going to be so much fun that I almost don't mind. (I was hoping that Dave and I would be able to spend the evening together for New Year's, but he's awfully allusive about it. I don't know why he does's a little annoying.) So I hope everyone else has fun stuff planned, and that weeks are going well, and that things are quiet for you at your place of business, so you can play a little more than usual right now...unfortunately, I've been off for 5 days, so now I've got to go bust some ass to catch up. Peace out!

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